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so check this out. i was on my photobucket and decided to check out the stats, and i noticed that one of the random qaf pics i had uploaded has received over 10,000 views in the past week, most of them coming from one site. i looked it up, and they're blatantly hotlinking the pic from my pb, here (and possibly [ profile] paddies's too, if that's her pb for the second pic). wtf? they have their own website but can't manage to upload the image to their own server? idek how they found it; it doesn't show up in the first few pages on google. i'm not making this out to be a bigger deal than it is, am i? i mean, it's using my bandwidth, which i have a limited amount of. i deleted the pic but it's still showing up, so i left them a comment about it. we'll see what happens.
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flist, i have a question for you. when you look at the entry before this one, do you see an icon of lyn-z doing the backbend, or do you see brian and justin (from queer as folk) hugging? also, is the icon in this entry of gerard and worm, or is it some weird cartoon girl's head changing colors? this is so strange! why would lj randomly change some of my already uploaded icons? it did this once before a few weeks ago; i had to delete and reupload the icon and it's been fine since then. has this happened to anyone else? i think this is very odd.

edit: when i got back on later, they were both back, but i just refreshed my page and the gerard/worm one is changed again! i think i'm going to reupload it.

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