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accents, adam lambert, alfred hitchcock, alice in wonderland, amy poehler, and you look lovely, androgyny, arrested development, art, art history, bandom, being vague, bisexuality, books, brian kinney, brian's lame puns, brian/justin, buffy the vampire slayer, chicago, cobra starship, colin firth, comic books, concerts, crew, derek hale, derek/stiles, dylan o'brien, e.e. cummings, emerald nuts commercials, extra special kicks later, fall out boy, fanfiction, frank iero, frank/gerard, frank/gerard/lyn-z, gale harold, gerard way, gerard/lyn-z, good omens, grammar, harry potter, hipbones, homosexuality, inception, incubus, interpol, invader zim, jennifer lawrence, jeopardy, jon stewart, kaya scodelario, kristen stewart, lady gaga, leathermouth, lipbiting, listening to the rain, loki, lord of the rings, loretta young silks, lover's spit, lyn-z, mark ruffalo, mindless self indulgence, movies, muse, music, my chemical romance, neck licking, nintendo, nyle dimarco, panic! at the disco, parks and recreation, particularly hard questions, pretty people looking down, procrastination, puns, queer as folk, radiohead, reading, remus lupin, remus/sirius, rowing, sarcasm, shameless, sherlock, sherlock/john, sick puppies, sirius black, six feet under, skins, sneaker pimps, sneaky little hobbitses, spongebob squarepants, stephen colbert, stiles stilinski, tattoos, teen wolf, the avengers, the sandman, the umbrella academy, thor, tom hiddleston, twizzlers, tyler hoechlin, unbirthday parties, video games, wasting time, you-think-you-know-but-you-don't-know-you-know, zelda
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