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okay, the panic concerts! on friday i met up with [ profile] musicislife428 (valerie) and [ profile] yeaabihhmolly (molly) and her friends to get in line for the cd signing. i spent the time in line trying to thinking of what to say to panic, and when it was my turn i still had no idea what to say! valerie was in front of me, and she was asking jon about the images behind them when they play and that was all i could think about. that and inappropriate things i'd never ask them about, heh. so i met jon and spencer and just smiled and said thanks after they signed my cd cover. then i came to ryan, and he looked up at me and i could see his eyes through his sunglasses, and i blurted out something like "you guys were really great last night." he smiled and said thanks, and i felt kind of stupid but whatever. then i got to brendon, and he was like, "hi how are you doing!" it was the most enthusiastic greeting i'd ever received haha. i liked how they all looked me in the eye and smiled. they didn't look bored or like they'd rather be somewhere else, which i appreciated. so that was me meeting panic! ha.

so, the concert part. phantom planet played first. they were okay, nothing too memorable. the singer jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed at the end, which was pretty cool. then came the hush sound! they were awesome; i wish they'd played for longer. greta is so adorable! i had so much fun watching her bounce around at her piano haha.

setlist )

then came motion city soundtrack. i've discovered that i really don't like them. the first night i got there late so i hung out on the side before venturing down to the floor after they finished, but the second night i was there the whole time. it was fine at first, only a few pushy people, but once mcs came out the crazy surging/people falling down part began. molly and her friends had left after phantom planet to meet them, and sometime during mcs's set valerie and i were separated. i somehow wound up multiple times next to a stupid overprotective boyfriend and his girlfriend, and every time the crowd surged i was shoved into his abnormally pointy elbows. and by shoved into i mean he purposely jabbed me. i get that you don't want to be moved but man, you gotta give a little. i hate how they stand there with their arms circled around their girlfriends, trying to create a large bubble of personal space in the middle of the pit. if your gf is so ~delicate that she can't be bumped into even a little bit, then she shouldn't be in the fucking pit! god. uhh, and that's my rant on overprotective boyfriends!

finally panic came out. they're so great; (especially the first night, when i was away from the crazies) i couldn't help smiling the entire time. and i laughed every time i looked at ryan, haha. i liked how it was almost like two different shows; the songs were all the same but most of the banter in between songs was different. i also liked how the fever songs were more acoustic. here's the setlist: )

do you know what i hate? giant bugs on tv. you know those orkin commercials, where a giant bug shows up at people's houses and tries to get inside? that's like my worst nightmare. it's like this music video i saw a long time ago (i think i told monia about it), where these animated bugs were the band, and at one point one of them (i think it was a flea?) was dreaming or something, and he was human sized and having sex with this chick, idek. it creeped me the fuck out. same thing in king kong, where those giant bugs are attacking/eating them. dnw giant bugs, kthx.

speaking of creepy, let me tell you about this dream i had a couple weeks ago. somehow a treefrog got stuck in the side of my hand, right under my pinkie, so just its head was sticking out. it freaked me out, and i tried not to hit it on anything. i think i thought that'd make it more real. my roommate told me the same thing had happened to her before, and she'd waited a few weeks before doing anything about it. that was not okay with me, and i went right away to find someone to get rid of it. somehow i opened the area it was in further, and the lady i went to took a knife and dug the frog out of there. i woke up feeling creeped out. it still creeps me out to think about it.

okay, i should go finish my research paper. that was due yesterday D: it's gonna be hard, because today was the last day of class and i really do not care anymore.

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