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so, the concerts. i went by myself on tuesday, with three friends on thursday. cute is what we aim for were okay. i liked the first song plain white t's played, but the rest were just okay. and i'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't like "hey there delilah," heh. gym class heroes were a lot of fun. while waiting for them to come out on tuesday, i noticed this girl going up on this guy's shoulders close to me. i look over, and bam! she flashes the stage. yes, i saw boobs in public. anyway. travis was entertaining to watch. he seems to have a thing for single moms, haha. someone in a big blue guy costume came out and was dancing around. i don't know what that was about, but it was pretty funny. in between bands they played videos (panic! at the disco, the academy is..., etc), introduced by cobra starship (and guy ripley! ahaha), which was pretty awesome. also you could text things that would scroll by on the bottom of the screen, so i texted something like "pete makes out with guys haha i love it." i am lame, i know. i don't care :P

finally, fall out boy came out. holy crap you guys, they're amazing. patrick is so small! i mean, i knew he was short, but he looked sooo wee, i love it. it was fun watching him rock out, haha. i felt bad for pete in his rocker cast, hobbling around the stage. joe was crazy as usual, spinning and running all around the stage. and andy drummed shirtless, which was nice ;) they all wore the same clothes both nights. patrick had on this gray sweater vest, ahaha, and this newsboy cap type hat. pete had on this part leather black jacket, but he changed into a black hoodie during the break. joe's fro is pretty huge, it's awesome. on tuesday, dirty came out at different times, and during "dance, dance" he danced like pete does in the video, ha. there was some pete/patrick touching, which is one of my favorite things :D i liked whenever pete talked between songs. and towards the end, he told patrick's favorite joke (patrick kind of rolled his eyes and sighed long-sufferingly when pete said he was going to do it ♥). it was something about how pete's cast is soooo long, and ended in patrick holding his arms out and shrugging and saying, "that's what she said!" ahaha, yes, i love those jokes.

on tuesday i was on the floor, which was really amazing. except during the first few songs, when the guy next to me put this girl on his shoulders so her ass was practically in my face, and it was so crowded i couldn't move. he finally put her down, and i was able to get in front of them so they didn't bother me. on thursday they only let the first however many people get wristbands for the floor, and we didn't know this so we ended up pretty high up in the stands. i was kind of pissed because there was definitely still room down there, but i still enjoyed the concert. at one point pete tried to get a giant circle pit going, so i was glad i wasn't down there for that, heh. pete said this was their last tour for a while, which makes me sad, because i want to see them again like, right now. but they need a break, i know that. i bought the tour shirt! (and monia, i will mail your shirt tomorrow. but i need your address!) all in all, AMAZING.

some of these kind of suck, but oh well.

the banner or whatever before fob came out.

i think this is during "i'm like a lawyer".

patrick singing "golden".

acoustic version of "nobody puts baby in the corner". i liked andy's tambourine, haha.

patrick! i don't know what song this was.

and now, thursday's pics:

i took this right as the lights turned yellow. i kind of like it.

during "i'm like a lawyer". pete's leaning his head on patrick's shoulder! i love when he does that :D

pete in the crowd during "saturday". on tuesday i had a perfect view of him - no tall people in the way or anything - and i was videoing, and when i got back to my car i realized i never pushed record *facepalm* ftl.

a video of "thriller". the sound mostly sucks, of course, except at the end. at least you can't hear me singing :P and let's pretend it's not sideways. i took a better video on thursday, but youtube won't let me upload it :/

a video of "i'm like a lawyer," not mine. you can see pete leaning on patrick about 2 minutes in :D uhh, i'm not sure what's going on with the html.

setlist. i had a hard time choosing my favorites, because i love all these songs (even i'm like a lawyer and (after) life, now :P), so i just * my absolute favorites:
sugar, we're going down
our lawyer made us change the name of this song so we wouldn't get sued
grand theft autumn/where is your boy*
hum hallelujah*
of all the gin joints in all the world*
i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got was this stupid song written about me*
a little less sixteen candles, a little more "touch me"*
the carpal tunnel of love
i'm like a lawyer with the way i'm always trying to get you off (me & you)
the (after) life of the party
don't you know who i think i am?
nobody puts baby in the corner
the take over, the break's over*
mr. brightside
this ain't a scene, it's an arms race
thnks fr th mmrs
chicago is so two years ago*
dance, dance

i've got all this ringing in my ears and none on my fingers has never been more true than it is right now. i didn't think the concert on tuesday was that loud, but apparently it was. afterwards i couldn't hear that noise my ipod makes when i'm scrolling through songs! it weirded me out. although soon the ringing became more of a white noise, and it's practically gone now.

and now, that meme that everyone's doing
# Number of journal entries:: 369 (heh)

# Number of people on your friends list:: 56 friended, 54 mutual friends, 108 friend of

# Person who introduced you to LJ:: i found out about lj from [ profile] aralias's profile

# Still friends with this person:: differing interests, etc

# How many people have you introduced to LJ:: none!

# List everyone on your friends list who you have met in person:: [ profile] _november__rain (i know her in rl), [ profile] turnyourankle, [ profile] machiiina, [ profile] black_berry, [ profile] etoile_du_soir, [ profile] diet, and [ profile] theleapingmuse, all in ny!

# Spoke on the phone with:: [ profile] britfacexx, and i did that voicemail meme for [ profile] summerinabaddon, [ profile] turnyourankle, [ profile] sayingwhatiam, and [ profile] taught_to_dream

# 5 people on LiveJournal that you have known the longest:: oh wow. um, i think [ profile] turnyourankle, [ profile] whiskey84, [ profile] celestialsoda, [ profile] linnpuzzle, and [ profile] lillithium, although i don't really "know" the last three, so maybe [ profile] britfacexx, [ profile] machiiina, and [ profile] taught_to_dream? i friended a lot of people around the same time, so i don't really know.

# Anyone on LJ you can't stand:: oh most definitely. not on my flist, though.

# Name one person on your friends list you would most like to meet:: everyone! but if i have to choose, [ profile] britfacexx, [ profile] known_anonymity, [ profile] _partlysunny_, and [ profile] seanmegansean

# Ever ban someone from commenting in your journal:: no

# Number of comments:: posted: 8,726 - received: 7,747

# Biggest pet peeve about LJ:: all the ~drama. except when it's entertaining :P aaand, i guess not being able to edit comments.

# How many virtual gifts did you get:: 5

# Do you feel close to most of the people on your friends list:: yeah, pretty much. maybe about half?

# How many journals on LiveJournal do you have:: two, but i don't use the other one.

# Communities I currently own/maintain:: none!

# When was your journal created:: 9-7-04. three years ago, crazy!

friday night i went to my high school's homecoming game with my friend. it was so weird being back there, seeing some old teachers. it was kind of cool though, finding my old lockers and stuff. anyway. i hope you're all enjoying yourselves!
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