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and i'm back! despite us not doing as well as i'd hoped (but about as well as i'd expected), i still had fun. we stayed at a hotel that had a casino, and it wasn't nearly as fun or fancy as las vegas, it was still pretty cool. and smokey. and gaudy, but i suppose that's to be expected.

i listened to the first franz ferdinand cd a lot this weekend. it's really good! i bought it sort of a while ago but had never listened to the whole thing, for whatever reason. now it's been on repeat, and i love it.

i finally watched some qaf tonight (s1! i love you), and i decided to post some caps i made forever ago. episodes 110 and 118. i'm sorry if the aspect ratio looks off, i don't know how to fix that. but anyway,

caps are mine, use if you'd like.

this look gets me, every time :D


he has a hole in his jeans :D

omg omg


neck!lick! that's hot

i am nearly incoherent and have been reduced to repeating 'omg'

it can't be said enough: this scene is fucking hot

"it's true."

"it's bullshit. they cause their own pain, just like everybody else."

eee! :D

"you said, 'i'm going with him.'" :D

the look of love :D

smoosh nose! gale has pretty hands

i love this scene :D

and, that's it. real picspam coming...eventually. it's taking me a really long time, but it's coming.
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