19 September 2006

erraticonstilts: (brian/justin - new song)
i did a bit of a friends cut. i feel bad, but it had to be done. feel free to keep me on your flist, or not.

i spent this weekend almost exclusively in my room, mostly reading fic or watching qaf. 203 and 204, and 117. i really need a 'when my boy walks down the street' icon. or one from the other scene where brian and justin are walking outside. i love both of them. if any one knows of any, please do tell. those are two scenes i can't seem to find very many icons from.

i watched vanished tonight. gale's still as pretty as ever. i loved all the shouting. 'say 'i don't know' one more time!' ahaha. yes.

since i watched that dancing video where you can put in whoever's face, this song has been stuck in my head. i had to download it. i keep picturing the dancing in my head. i kind of want to imitate it, maybe.

um...that's about it. i finished my homework for once, so i should probably get to bed. goodnight! :)

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