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so on saturday i got to go to matt nathanson's sound check! it was so fun, he's such an amazing person. i saw him in concert three years ago, and even though i wasn't super familiar with his music, i still had a great time because, well because of the music but also because he's so charming, funny, and personable. i'm going to try to make this as detailed as possible for you, jordan!

when i got there, we had to wait in the lobby for a while before we could go in. i could hear them playing car crash while waiting. when we got in there was no one on stage. people were chatting, and then we hear someone say "hi!" in the microphone. we look up and there's matt! he turns to grab a guitar and by the time he comes back to the mic, everyone has stopped talking. he's like whoa, it got really fucking quiet haha. the band comes out, they get ready and matt asks us if we're ready to break dance. they played mercy, faster, and wedding dress. i hadn't heard anything from his new album before, and i really liked those two songs, especially mercy. on the album they have some kind of effect on his voice for part of that song, and he had a second microphone for those parts.

i think matt is one of those artists who if you don't like him before the concert, you definitely will after. not just because of his music, but because of him, it's like impossible to not like him. he's so engaging, and it's like he can't stop moving while he's playing. and the way he moves is just. idek how to describe it, but i really love watching him.

after that, he came down off the stage for a q&a with us. they had gone around asking us (there were around 50 of us there) what questions we'd like to ask and then compiled a list of five to ask him. i think the first question was about how he got his start, and he talked about how he would work during the week (stocking pharmaceutical supplies? or something like that) and play shows on the weekend, till he got a big enough following to quit his job and do music full time. he talked about how he was on a record label but left, how he prefers being independent and doing it himself. there was a question about what artists he's influenced by. he talked about how he's a music whore and buys a lot of records and has to ship them home at the end of a tour. that led him into talking about how he's not really a religious person, but music is his religion.

the last question was about any advice he had for us (people wanting to get into the music industry). his advice was basically - don't give up, and know what you're getting into. don't listen to anyone who tells you you're not good enough; if this is what you want to do, keep trying and don't give up. he said if you were a fire eater, you'd find out about fire and how to eat it and all that before trying to do it. he said it's the same with the music business; you have to find out what you're getting into so you don't get your face set on fire haha. he also talked about music as an art form and how that seems to be going away. he used katy perry as an example, how so many artists today are interchangeable with regards to their music. he said the main thing is to be yourself, and not just in music but in life, as people, and don't assimilate. he said it all much better than i'm writing it now, but yeah, it was really inspiring and great to hear and pretty much exactly how i feel, and it made me love him even more.

after that we got a group picture with him! i ended up right behind him, next to his right arm. he was really nice to us, saying hi and asking how we were doing. they haven't posted the picture yet, but i'll add it once they do.

EDIT: here's a link to a write up about the soundcheck, and here are pictures.

after that, we headed back out into the lobby to wait for scars on 45. i'd never heard their stuff before but i really liked them! i need to check them out. they're from the uk, and they were talking about how it was bonfire night and told us about guy fawkes, and aren't we glad we got a history lesson haha. we got a q&a with them also, but it was kind of rushed because we were running out of time.

uh, wow. to anyone still reading, go see matt nathanson!

Date: 13 Nov 2011 15:39 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ohhhh I love him so much! I'm really glad you got to see him, it sounds like it was a blast. Thanks for posting this for meee! <33333 hopefully when I'm in Nashville next year, he will be too and we can go see him. (dreeeams!)

Date: 15 Nov 2011 00:25 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it was! he's pretty amazing. and no problem! oh my god that would be perfect.

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