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thank you to [ profile] metafascinating for the snowflake! *hugs*

and [ profile] tortugax, i got your card in the mail today! it's lovely, thank youuuu :D

For one month, post/share:

Day 03 | Your favorite television program )

this one's kind of a tie! there are two shows i love pretty much equally, for different reasons. first there's family guy, which i never get tired of watching and watch pretty much whenever it's on, which is seemingly all the time. i just think it's hilarious.

then there's queer as folk. i used to be all about this show, and even though i don't watch it as much anymore, it's still one of my absolute favorites. BRIAN KINNEY, ILU.
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For one month, post/share:

Day 02 | Your favorite movie )

lord of the rings! (totally counts as one movie.) my favorite, forever and always. it's got pretty much everything i could ever want in a movie, and i love that they've created such a realistic world that you can totally immerse yourself in. &thesemovies;

also, have a meme, stolen from [ profile] citibyrd:

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). Really, don't read the questions below until you pick your ten artists!!!

1. my chemical romance
2. mindless self indulgence
3. incubus
4. radiohead
5. muse
6. fall out boy
7. panic at the disco
8. cobra starship
9. interpol
10. lady gaga

Questions and Answers: )
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i hadn't realized it had been so long since i'd posted! i feel like i had a lot to post about, but of course now that i'm here updating i can't remember any of it /o\ anyway, here's that meme that everyone's doing:

For one month, post/share:

Day 01 | Your favorite song )

it's impossible to pick a favorite overall, so let's go with my favorite atm: lady gaga - bad romance. (this is actually the video, in mp4 format. not perfect quality, but definitely not bad. plus it's rather large!)

also, i recently found these pics of adam lambert, and i feel like sharing, so that boy is a monster )
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-[ profile] fleurdeliser. happy birthday, bb! i hope it was fabulous :D (sorry i missed the actual day; i was out of town for my cousin's bday!)

-ADAM LAMBERT. he's so well-spoken and candid and ~savvy and kind of hilarious. i love how comfortable he is with himself; it's one of the things i admire most about him.

-lady gaga - bad romance. i can't stop watching this video! she's so weird, i fucking love her. and i have no idea how she walks in those shoes. even if you don't like her, you should watch the video, it's amazing.

-lyn-z. gorgeous as always <333

-so i get random rolling stone magazines mailed to me, and today i received the one with the blurbs about mcr and adam lambert!

-music memes )
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because i'm crazy and like to be organized, here's a bunch of pictures from the show last night. some of them are pretty huge, just fyi. under here )
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finally! i've been working on this since like, january, and it is now complete. special thanks to [ profile] nokomis305 for encouraging me and providing an excellent starting point :D enter if you dare~ )
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you guys! you guys. i love adam and kris. and adam/kris. (yes, i'm talking about american idol.) i've started reading fic. idek, they're just so adorable and funny and genuine, and they're really close and always touching each other and going on about how they're such good friends, and ugh. just, go here for an explanation (warning: epic post is epic and might kill your computer). and watch this video. and then check out this amazing picspam comparing adam and gerard. they are more similarities than you might think!

i leave you with: )
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wednesday was my two year bandom anniversary! i'm so glad i'm in this fandom; it's so much fun, and i've met a lot of great people. and i owe it all to pete wentz, haha.

also, last friday i saw fall out boy in concert )
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today started off crappy, but then there were happymaking things! i will list them:

-vicky t singing part of a gizmo-ed 12 days of christmas

-frank finally twittering! (and needing ray to show him how.) and the first thing he does is complain and make fun of mikey, "spice fucking a pumpkin" LOL. and then posts a pic of his food as body parts, haha.

-mcr all together! playing video games (or texting, if you're mikey) and possibly making music! :D :D

-gerard narrating a creepy short film by voltaire, who blogged about it, revealing a possible mancrush on gerard (he calls him a hottie, haha).

-pictures from the shooting process )

EDIT: MCR GOING GO KARTING, WHAT. ilthem so much <33 thanks to [ profile] nokomis305 for bringing this to my attention!
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on saturday i saw matt nathanson in concert! here in nashville. you guys, he is so amazing and adorable and hilarious. his stage banter is the best ever. i wish i could remember all the funny things he said but alas, it was too much. but anyway. jessie baylin was the opener; she was pretty good, not really my thing but enjoyable.

then matt came out! he is very personable and seems very comfortable, and he really gets into the music. he's got some nice dance moves too; i like the way he moves his hips (if you've seen the video for come on get higher, you'll know what i mean). he talked about a bunch of different things, like how la is nashville with a tan, and how he hopes someone has sex while listening to his song, still (lies. that was some other song. still was the song he said was about naked time, not naked time by yourself, but naked time with another person). he said that some song was like the first episode of this season of gossip girl, and that he not so secretly loves meet the kardashians, and that those of us with class don't know what he's talking about haha. oh, and he told us that one of his songs (princess?) was almost exactly like that song jessie's girl with a few changes. in the middle of singing it he broke into jessie's girl for a while, it was pretty cool.

i can't remember all of what he sang, but i do know he sang:
car crash
heartbreak world
wedding dress
to the beat of our noisy hearts
bent (i think)
detroit waves
church clothes
come on get higher
answering machine

have some pics and vids )

so yes, it was a v awesome time, would see again.

i'm leaving for florida tomorrow and coming back probably on monday, so i won't be around till then. have a lovely weekend!
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so i saw msi in concert on sunday and tuesday. i'm putting both recaps in the same post, and i'll try not to make it too long, but the second show was THE BEST CONCERT EVER, so i might get carried away haha.

the first concert was in memphis, and while waiting outside in line i talked a bit to this girl and her mom. apparently they go to a lot of shows together, i thought that was pretty cool. then i was inside, about four rows back near the middle. i chatted with this guy and girl and convinced the girl she should go to the birmingham show also. we made vague plans to meet up there since we'd both be going alone. i also ended up next to these three girls i'd talked to in the parking lot. one of them was so tiny, i admired her bravery haha. there were also these two annoying hot topic teenie girls right in front of me who talked very loudly about inane things and who almost got in a fight with a few different people. like, the one girl was bitching at the guy in front of her because he was apparently touching/squishing her? if you think you're going to be near the front in the middle of the pit at a msi (or bascially any) show and not get touched, you're seriously deluded. everyone around them was like, welcome to concerts! by this point, the daughter i'd talked to earlier was right next to me. this girl squeezed in front of us and kept hitting us with her purse (she kept switching which shoulder it was on), and we made faces at each other and mentioned how annoying it was when people brought purses to shows like this and how ridiculous it was to think you weren't going to get bumped into. she stayed next to/behind me the whole show; we helped each other not lose our spot.

the first band was dearestazazel. i liked them more this time than the first time i saw them, but idk if i can take them seriously (they have songs called "get on board the drug train" and "she sells sex by the sea shore," seriously). they're pretty entertaining, though.

the next band was die so fluid, who i knew nothing about and ended up really liking. they have a female lead singer/bassist; she wore this tight sparkly body suit that was kind of awesome. there was a lot of interaction between her and the guitarist, like standing back to back or close front to front, or one of them going down on their knees in front of the other. i enjoyed it all.

then it was time for msi )

vids )

pics )

tuesday was the concert in birmingham. i got there about an hour before the doors opened and met up with the girl from the other show. the cool thing about this venue is they have a bar that opens before the doors are supposed to, so you can wait inside instead of outside. i was the fourth person in line! concert buddy and i chatted with the two people in front of us. the girl was a big mcr fan; we talked about gerard's hotness and various hairstyles. then they let us inside and we headed straight for the front. i was on the right of the four of us, basically right where lyn-z would be. the other cool thing about this venue is there wasn't a barricade! we were touching the stage, which was pretty low, like right below my crotch. here's a picture to give you an idea of the closeness: ridiculous. i was next to these four drunk guys and their sober friend. two of the guys started making out, and one of them kept asking random people to kiss him. no thanks. they were kind of annoying, but i mostly ignored them.

i always get nervous before a concert, and the whole day i'd been extra nervous (so nervous i couldn't really eat, which means i had to be pretty freaking nervous, heh), and it got worse in the hour we had to wait for the show to start, but it was more nervous excited. dearestazazel opened again, and i decided i kind of like them. well, i think i like them more than their music, but still. the bassist was right in front of me; he's really energetic and jumps around a lot. and sweats like whoa, i definitely got sweat droplets on me, ha.

pics )

then die so fluid came out. the singer was right in front of me; we made eye contact a couple times, which was awkward but cool. i still really enjoyed them. pics )

then msi came out! i'd never been in the front row before; they were so close, it was insane. i've totally been ruined for all other concerts. so yes, they were supremely awesome.

pics, vids, and rambling under the cut )

and because i'd been wondering about it, and i bet other people were too ([ profile] turnyourankle, i think you asked about it), i asked lyn-z about the tattoo on her thigh. she laughed and said it was something she drew and got done when she was seventeen, and that she'd thought it looked tribal haha. then i thanked her and left. i'm very glad i decided to go to this show, and even though i'm sore and bruised it was definitely the best of the five times i've seen them. &msi;

oh wow. if you made it all the way through that, i'll give you, idk. sexual favors ;)
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i'm not even going to pretend i haven't watched it over and over.

in other news, i bought the first series of the umbrella academy today! i haven't read any of it yet or been spoiled, and i'm very excited :D

idk how i ever lived without adblock plus. it's amazing! websites load faster! buzznet is not (such) a scary place anymore!

that's it. la update coming sooon (only about two months after the fact, heh).
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so i saw msi on tuesday! they were fucking awesome, as usual. when i was waiting to get a drink, i heard a couple security guys talking (they were a little bit down the bar from me) about how weirdly the msi fans were dressed, and something about being on e and i was like, ummm, you know i can hear you, right? it was kind of funny, though. one of the girls next to me inside was wearing a mcr shirt, and later on during the show she said she was jealous of lyn-z's legs, ha. i was like, yes, i think we all are ;) so the first band, i am the dream, really sucked. the next band was dearestazazel, who were better but still not that good. then came innerpartysystem, who i enjoyed at lollapalooza and who were even better this time. i ended up buying their cd.

then msi finally came out. lyn-z really did cut her hair; it's right above her shoulders in the back and a little longer in the front. i like it, and her new stage outfit. i wasn't as close as i wanted to be, but the crowd was calmer than last time. people weren't really trying to shove their way to the front, so i wasn't squished, which was nice. here's the setlist: )

videos )

pics )

and that's it. i'm seeing them again october 12, woo!
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so, msi totally ROCKED MY FACE OFF. i arrived at the venue like, an hour later than i'd wanted to, but there actually weren't too many people in line yet, so it was fine. i get inside and head downstairs to where the stage is, and i notice the right side is filled with large, tall guys. i head over there anyway, because i wanted to be on lyn-z's side. by the time julien-k (apparently the side project of some members of orgy. i remember i always had to change the channel when this certain music video of theirs came on, bc it was ~inappropriate) come out, i'm about five or so rows back. i'd never heard of them before, but they weren't too bad. not really bad at all. but the lead singer reminded me of a sleazy miami shady businessman, with his slicked back hair, gold necklace, and partially unbuttoned shirt, so i couldn't really take him seriously.

i was a little closer by the time the birthday massacre came out. i downloaded some of their music after i saw them with msi last month, and i really like them. the lead singer is totally adorable, she's really great to watch. and they have a guy playing keytar! and one of the guitarists (or maybe the bassist, i couldn't really tell) kept spitting water on people. oh, and flinging water at us...i got hit in the face various times. it felt nice though, since it was pretty freaking hot.

before msi came out, a group of people started chanting "anal sex," which appparently is/used to be the thing to do? and various other sexual things. it was mainly the little boys and girls right behind me...idk, it got old pretty fast.

but then, msi finally came out! cut for length and flailing )

now for some videos )

pictures )
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so, the cobra starship concert! we had to wait in line for a while, and i made friends with these two girls who go to clemson university. i happened to find them again once we all got inside, and we decided to stick together. they invited me to go to warped tour in atlanta with them, but i'm going to be out of town D: anyway, first up was this band called deluxe, who sang in spanish, which was cool, but it was loud and they sang pretty fast, so i couldn't understand what they were saying. then came the secret handshake, who were pretty good.

then, we the kings. before they came out some girls started screaming, and i noticed trace cyrus was walking across the stage. then they started playing, and i could see trace watching from behind the drums. from the angle he was looking and where i was standing, it looked like he was STARING RIGHT AT ME, haha. he came out later and sang, at the end of a song that has a lot of "whoaaaaa"s in it. i enjoyed we the kings, i think they put on a good show. after their set, gabe came out from backstage and got low for us, haha. he also popped his head out the backstage door with his :D face on.

and then, it was time for cobra starship! )

oh and also, i'm going to make a proper post about it tomorrow, but tonight i saw mindless self indulgence! i got to meet lyn-z omfg. i had to say something, because i've been freaking out about it and there's no one here to freak out with!
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SOMEONE CONVINCE ME IT WOULD BE A BAD IDEA TO MAKE A BERT/GERARD PRIMER. or get someone more knowledgeable than me to make it. does one already exist? i know their supposed relationship was a lot like pete/mikey in that we don't actually know all that much, and a lot of it is based on speculation/is circumstantial, but man. they even wrote break up songs about each other! I AM INTRIGUED BY THEIR EPIC DOOMED ROMANCE, OKAY.

i probably enjoy this video too much. i'm not going to tell you how many times i've watched it today. i can't help it, it brings the lolz :D and that song is freaking catchy as hell.

arrghh, okay time to finish my damn essay. THIS RANDOMNESS BROUGHT TO YOU BY MY EXTREME HYPERNESS DUE TO A COMBINATION OF TOO MUCH SUGAR (nerds, man, i can't get enough!) AND CAFFEINE AND BY MY INABILITY TO CONCENTRATE ON WORK, or why drinking diet coke at 3:30am is a bad idea.
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my i finally made one. do whatever it is you do with such information!

bob/spencer is odd. i'm picturing it, and it's just, it's odd. that won't stop me from reading it, though. maybe. i don't know, but mcr/patd just doesn't work for me. maybe because i don't generally read band mixings, besides pete/mikey and pete/ryan. but both of those are temporary, so. idk.

i don't really like au fics in which aaaall the characters in the fandom are present. this is especially true of qaf. like, in those high school aus with brian and mikey and justin and lindsay and melanie and ben and ted and emmett and even daphne, and they're all friends. that's not realisitic. there's no way all of them would've been friends with each other in high school, no way. it annoys me in bandom too, when all the members of multiple bands show up. not always, but in general it doesn't work for me, sry2say.

did any of you actually have shop class in high school? i'm mostly convinced it's something that only exists in movies.

does anyone have any misfits songs they feel like sharing? i already have die, die my darling. plz and thx.

videos i cannot stop watching: )

probably i should go now. to watch lotms again! oh yes. as a parting gift, a mini bandom picspam )
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stolen from [ profile] turnyourankle and [ profile] lovebashed:
Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: comment with a drabble inspired by any line of your choice! Then go and post these instruction in your own journal so people can write drabbles for you.

lyrics this way )

does anyone know of any icons of brian in 120? when he sees justin in the backroom, aka underneath the stairs. i've been looking and i haven't found any. of course i haven't looked very hard. also, does anyone know where i can find last night's episode of heroes? i missed it because i went to see music & lyrics, which was actually pretty good. i kind of want the soundtrack, haha. that song "pop! goes my heart" has been stuck in my head all day.

i'm really tired, so i think i might go to bed soon. probably not, but i'll think about it.

p.s. join [ profile] picquest!

EDIT: here's the video for "pop! goes my heart." beware: once you listen to it, it will be stuck in your head forever! mwahaha pop! goes my heart )
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happy birthday, [ profile] miss_sarac!
i hope you had a fantastic day!

gale hopes so, too ;) )

lovebugs are everywhere. they're annoying as fuck.

there are these two commercials that annoy the shit out of me, and they come on all the time. i hate them. wtf were they thinking when they made these? they make me want to break my tv, not buy their product. i found them on youtube. here they are )

idiots. this rampant dislike is like, the culmination of all the negativity i've been feeling lately. um, going now.

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