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hey! i haven't posted a real update in approx a million years, so i figured i should get on that. but that is not this entry. this is about seeing mcr this past saturday :D

i went to see them in indianapolis. i was at the venue in my seat by 7:15, so i got to see some of matt and kim. i'm not sure about their music, but i really like them! they're very enthusiastic, especially kim. she got up on her kick drum a number of times and i was worried it would fall over, but all was well. in between sets they played music videos, mostly blink-182 but they showed some of na na na and sing as well.

and thennnn, the bli video started and mcr came out on stage! i had a pretty good seat, and i had a nice view of them the whole time. they were AMAZING, it was a seriously good show. they were all on. frank was especially wild, and gerard brought the camp, including a number of high kicks and fist pumps during the set, hahaha. frank started out with the green guitar but switched halfway through na na na. mikey also used a different bass for the first few songs before switching to the awesome sparkly one. oh! and frank, gerard, and ray all have the light up mic stands now. and they change colors! pink and blue and orange-ish. they're pretty fantastic. gerard also had us all sing happy birthday to mikey. i like how he didn't announce whose birthday it was, he just started singing haha.

there was a lot of talking in the dead mic (so glad we know what that is now!), and frank and gerard interacting between songs. also! you know how gerard sings "la la la" at the end of mama? when i watched the video of that at rock en seine i noticed someone was singing really high la la la's along with him, but you could only see gerard and mikey at that part in the video so i didn't know who it was. i made sure to pay attention this time, and it's totally frank! either that or it's like a backing track, because frank and gerard were the only ones singing at that time. watch the video, the la la la's crack me up :D

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okay, so this is something i've been meaning to post since before mcr started touring again, and if i don't do it now it'll be months before it gets posted. anyway! i present to you, a hugeass mcr picspam. and there's a part two, which is just onstage!gerard, coming probably on sunday.

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