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my bandwidth on pb reset today so i can finally post this, woo! this is a picspam for everyone whose birthday i've missed recently, so pretty much [ profile] joanses, [ profile] thesamefire, [ profile] shoved2agree, [ profile] harborshore, and early for [ profile] revii. happy birthday to all of you! :D

there's some mcr, msi, fob, patd, cs, tai, tu, and tbs under here: )
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my i finally made one. do whatever it is you do with such information!

bob/spencer is odd. i'm picturing it, and it's just, it's odd. that won't stop me from reading it, though. maybe. i don't know, but mcr/patd just doesn't work for me. maybe because i don't generally read band mixings, besides pete/mikey and pete/ryan. but both of those are temporary, so. idk.

i don't really like au fics in which aaaall the characters in the fandom are present. this is especially true of qaf. like, in those high school aus with brian and mikey and justin and lindsay and melanie and ben and ted and emmett and even daphne, and they're all friends. that's not realisitic. there's no way all of them would've been friends with each other in high school, no way. it annoys me in bandom too, when all the members of multiple bands show up. not always, but in general it doesn't work for me, sry2say.

did any of you actually have shop class in high school? i'm mostly convinced it's something that only exists in movies.

does anyone have any misfits songs they feel like sharing? i already have die, die my darling. plz and thx.

videos i cannot stop watching: )

probably i should go now. to watch lotms again! oh yes. as a parting gift, a mini bandom picspam )
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so i'm watching bend it like beckham when all of a sudden - jonathan rhys-meyers, what are you doing on my tv screen? and dancing, no less. that is reason enough for this movie to win.

my history of electronic music class sucks ass. i know what you're thinking - a class about music, what's not to like, right? WRONG. it is the most pointless class i've ever taken, and that's saying something. i feel like i haven't learned anything. i hate it like burning. the hate, it is burning!

anyway. desktop meme: )

six days till fall out boy! i'm ridiculously excited omg. twice in three days! it's going to be amazing.

and now for fun, a random bandom picspam. this way )

and that's it. now i really must do hw omg.
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happy birthday, dietrebecca! i think you're a really great person, and i always have fun talking with you. i hope you had a fantastic day, you deserve it ♥

the academy is... concert was AMAZING. amazing! william beckett is so fun too watch, he's so energetic, and he does this mick jagger strut, and it's awesome. he gets really into it and interacts with the crowd, and at the end he came into the crowd (i think he was sitting on one of the security guards) and touched people's hands and stuff. i was able to get really really close, it was awesome! once they came out, i didn't even care about the annoying girls jumping on my feet during the rocket summer's set (seriously, one girl right in front of me was really big and really young and seemed to think any space not filled by her jumping body was space wasted), or the large guys moshing very close to me, making me even more squished. or the fire alarm that woke me up at 8:30 that morning. it was so, so much fun, and i want to see them again like, right now. if you're at all a fan, you should definitely see them in concert!

a few fun observations: during part of trs (i was not a fan) and armor for sleep (i liked them), the butcher was ~lurking on the side. i could see his hot tattoo through his v-neck shirt, oh yes.
before tai came out, this guy was upstairs near the stage, taking pictures of the crowd (i guess?) through the window. idk what that was about.
lol at the people who got there really early to get a good spot. i got there about 15 minutes before sherwood, the first opening act came out, and i ended up with a kickass spot.
william is really really pretty, and really really skinny. before the concert he would'nt have been on my list of people i'd have sex with, but now? oh hell yes. and he sounds amazing live. i can't listen to their music anymore without dancing haha.

setlist )

do you know what i hate? when tyra gets all *fierce eyes* at the camera in the antm credits. it annoys me so much, and i can't even explain why. anyway. i should go to bed.

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