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i've been reading a lot of sherlock fic lately and decided to make a reclist! yay! a note about the categories: pre-s2 refers to fics that were written before s2 but don't necessarily conflict with it (at least, not in a major way). post-tgg refers to fics that were written before s2 and deal with/mention the resolution of the pool scene and so aren't compatible with s2 in that way. i guess they could be considered aus, but since they weren't intended to be i don't want to put them in that category, so. i still have a number of fics bookmarked to read, and i'll update this list (and mark the additions) as necessary. anyway, on to the recs )
erraticonstilts: (sherlock/john)
i keep telling myself i'll be better at updating, and now february's on its way out and i've only updated once this year. blah. anyway, something i've been meaning to say for a couple months: christmas cards! i received one from [ profile] kidsxheroes, [ profile] piratesunk, [ profile] citibyrd, [ profile] tortugax, and [ profile] greedy_dancer. thank you so much! :D

based on the most recent entry at brbb, it seems my mix was claimed! i was convinced it wasn't, since i didn't spend as much time on it as i wanted to, and i'm not exactly broad in my tastes. but yay! i'm excited to read all the fic.

nothing much has been happening on the rl front, so i've been spending way too much time online. or really, just on my computer. a couple weeks ago i watched all of sherlock, and it has TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN. it's just so good! saturday i finished my first rewatch, and now i'm wanting to start it all over again. i've even read fic! speaking of which, you should totally rec me fic. i've already read this, which was really fantastic. so yes, fic recs please, if you have any.

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