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happy (very much belated) birthday, britfacexxjordan!

you're one of my closest lj friends, i love talking with you about whatever. you are awesome :D and now, an insanely huge picspam, whoa )
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happy birthday, [ profile] seanmegansean!
you're one of my closest friends on lj, i'm so glad i met you! i love your fangirliness, and your love for b/j, and everything. you're thirty! just don't celebrate the way brian did :P and now, a picspam of epic proportions, just for you. a few of your favorite scenes )

EDIT: i changed my username. i'm kind of sad, even though i wasn't particularly fond of the other one. i suppose i'll get used to it.
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i watched clips of hal sparks on celebrity duets tonight. he makes me laugh, so hard. i just can't take him seriously. and a rock star? i'm sorry, no. every time i see him sing i think of michael singing to ben in qaf 20whateverthefuck, and i laugh. more. he is much with the cheese.

i finished reading name your wish, and wow. it's really fucking good. and long, like whoa. but fantastic. it's an alternate version of the end of s2, with angst, but good angst. read it!

and now, 121 caps. photobucket somehow didn't shrink them, so they're really big. this-a-way )
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i milked it made these caps myself (50 points to whoever knows specifically where that's from. the points are worthless, but whatever, YOU WIN!) a while ago, and i transferred them to the home computer via cd (i am so skilled, technologically). so, here's a little mini picspam thing, from qaf episode 210 (one of my favorite scenes :D)

the TONGUE, people, the tongue kills me )

i have to work from 11-8 tomorrow, yayness. i'm so excited :P but, money. 'tis what i need. okay time to go.
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so, because i'm going through qaf withdrawal, and because they're very pretty and i was inspired and i want everyone to see proof of their undeniable love for each other, i've decided to post a gale/randy picspam. there aren't as many pictures of them as i'd hoped, but i'm happy with these. now, one of the prettiest non-couples ever )
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happy 28th birthday, randy! hope you and gale make it memorable (haha, jk...maybe).

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