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thank you to [ profile] metafascinating for the snowflake! *hugs*

and [ profile] tortugax, i got your card in the mail today! it's lovely, thank youuuu :D

For one month, post/share:

Day 03 | Your favorite television program )

this one's kind of a tie! there are two shows i love pretty much equally, for different reasons. first there's family guy, which i never get tired of watching and watch pretty much whenever it's on, which is seemingly all the time. i just think it's hilarious.

then there's queer as folk. i used to be all about this show, and even though i don't watch it as much anymore, it's still one of my absolute favorites. BRIAN KINNEY, ILU.
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five things meme, under here )

also, i'm going to see cobra starship tomorrow! let me know if you're also going.
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so, one of the faint songs i uploaded the other day, "your retro career melted"? it's actually "let the poison spill from your throat". i...have no idea how that mixup happened. that is the song i meant to upload, though.

five things meme! my answers: )
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happy birthday, [ profile] shadownyc! i hope you had a fantastic day :D *hugs* some prettiness for you )

hollywood video was having some kind of crazy movie sale today, and guess what was for sale at the 99 cent table. a random tape from qaf s2! (that's right, on vhs). i really wanted to buy it, just because, but i was with family so i couldn't. when my sister, my cousin and i went back later, it was already gone. sad face. but maybe some person who's never seen it before decided to check it out. that's what i'm thinking. my dad bought the departed, children of men, and blood diamond.

we also went to a couple game trading stores i guess they were, and my sister and i bought several movies for cheap. i bought v for vendetta, a hard day's night (beatles movie! i haven't seen this since 9th grade), and all three austin powers, ha. we also bought a controller and an expansion pack for nintendo64, as well as perfect dark and pokemon snap. um, i love that game. you drive through different courses taking pictures of pokemon; hello, awesome! but seriously. it's fun.

movie talk )

i should probably get to bed. good night!
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happy birthday, cuemypulsekatie!

i know you're sick and you might not see this, but i hope you managed to have a good day regardless. feel better soon! now for some pretty )

that's it! feel free to use for caps or whatever.
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if i had to, i mean, absolutely had to, choose a favorite brian, i'd say early s1 brian. he's so fucking hot, he takes my breath away. for serious, yo. as cheesy as that sounds, it's the truth. in 105 when he says "mikey, you have a date?" and smiles...i die. same thing when he comes to lindsay's house after missing dinner and says "twenty-nine" and smiles ahfdklsj (that's not the twenty-nine smile, that's the no i haven't eaten smile, but whatever! still hfdklajs). no wonder he can get away with practically anything, when he looks like that. good god. no one should be allowed to be that pretty! but thank god he is.

for you, monia: does anyone know who made this icon: ?
i know i've seen it before, but for the life of me i can't remember/can't find who it is!

also, here's a bigger version of one of my favorite gale pics everrr. i am in love ♥

i changed around my layout a bit. i have a v g-g-g-gorgeous! new header, mmm, and i changed my background from black to grayish so it wouldn't blend in with the header. i'm not sure how i feel about it. i know it'll be black again, soon.

yeah that's it. i think i shall watch qaf 107 now.

p.s. look at this picture. HAHA!
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okay, let me take a few minutes to expound on the beauty of this picture )

you know what? i'm going to do a picspam, right now. gale looking down, because it's oh so gorgeous. i'm not posting any from qaf or his movies or anything, not this time.

lalala )
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yay, it's finally done! my fanmix. it's brian/justin, set during the ethan arc, i'd say from about 217 all the way through the reunion in 308. pov shifts between brian and justin. there's a lot of ~angst~ and ~anger~ and ~pain~, just fyi (like you needed to be warned). um, i don't really know what else to say, so.

on we go )
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i present to you a wet!brian picspam. this includes i've-been-working-out-can't-you-tell!brian and i-just-poured-water-on-myself!brian and i'm-really-good-at-sex-notice-the-sweat!brian, and everything in between. it's kind of insanely long (157 pics), so dial-uppers beware. without further ado, follow me )

and, that's it. brian got wet in some way or another the most in s3, with it happening in every episode but 2. and, imo, looked the hottest.

i've concluded that brian should have been on the swim team in high school. how hot would that be? i would've gone to every meet :D
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stolen from [ profile] turnyourankle and [ profile] lovebashed:
Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: comment with a drabble inspired by any line of your choice! Then go and post these instruction in your own journal so people can write drabbles for you.

lyrics this way )

does anyone know of any icons of brian in 120? when he sees justin in the backroom, aka underneath the stairs. i've been looking and i haven't found any. of course i haven't looked very hard. also, does anyone know where i can find last night's episode of heroes? i missed it because i went to see music & lyrics, which was actually pretty good. i kind of want the soundtrack, haha. that song "pop! goes my heart" has been stuck in my head all day.

i'm really tired, so i think i might go to bed soon. probably not, but i'll think about it.

p.s. join [ profile] picquest!

EDIT: here's the video for "pop! goes my heart." beware: once you listen to it, it will be stuck in your head forever! mwahaha pop! goes my heart )
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known_anonymityashley! i feel kind of silly having this be a bday thing since it's been two months, so let's just say it's a "yay thanks for being such an awesome friend i ♥ you like whoa" thing, mmkay :D

wassup )

that's it! feel free to use the caps for whatever, don't claim them as your own, hotlinking kills, etc.
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in my linguistics class we're diagramming sentences, tree diagrams. i really like it, but of course it's one of those things that's of no use at all, you know, unless you're planning on becoming a linguistics or english teacher. which i'm not. excellent.

want to know something random? in the qaf s1 credits, after we're introduced to dr. dave, all the main actors happen to be paired with their character's (eventual) lover. like, it goes michelle clunie and thea gill (mel and linds), gale harold and randy harrison (bj), scott lowell and peter paige (ted and emmett), and then chris potter and hal sparks (dr. dave and mikey). cool, huh? but then robert gant comes along and messes it all up :P

speaking of qaf, i watched 303 last night. that's such a fantastic episode! seriously. from the beginning with brian looking really hot in that long sleeve shirt at babylon to brian looking really hot in that long sleeve shirt at the end ;), there's just so much to love. at the loft, when lindsay suggests brian plans the center carnival and he asks if she's out of her mind, the way she says, "uh, i'd like to think not" cracks me up, haha. and this brian face, of course :D

then bj at the diner, the way brian says "for the center carnival," and justin's "you fucking hate the center," and everything. i liked the justin/ethan scene too, mainly for justin's "tell him i'd sooner eat shit and die." i bet he means it too, haha. and then the camera focuses on fab's sex face for an uncomfortably long amount of time. that must be a requirement of anyone who's on this show for more than one episode.

and the bj scene at the loft. i like how justin stays far away at first, and then as soon as brian gets him to sit next to him he mentions cock, ha. and then brian laughing while he and mikey get high. i love that. and this shot is gorgeous. and then comes perhaps my favorite brian line ever, "ah milked it mahself" :D i love that lindsay laughs, hee.

and then one of my favorite ever justin moments, at ethan's friend's party. "i've got a pretty big cock as well. and i give one hell of a blowjob. right ethan?" justin ftw. and then of course the carnival. god, brian looked so hot in that shirt. maybe not so much here, ahaha. i like his interaction with brian. and this cap. that little recap was all "and then...i love..." heh.

apparently i'm becoming a meme whore. here is another one:

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post lyrics for the first 25 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

help with the procrastination! )

now i'm off to watch 304 do homework, bleh.
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kind of late, but happy birthday, summerinabaddonlaura! i hope you had a great day :D

i was listening to qaf music last night, and i noticed something strange about the lyrics of "i wanna mmm." here's a sample: "well i was walkin' down the street, chillin', as you do. / when who should come up / behind me but, donald duck. / well hey, it had to be the way. and he had a few words to say to me, / and they were / i, i wanna mmm mmm, i..." kind of really strange.

speaking of strange, look at the bio for actor noah segan from "brick" (which, incidentally, i watched thursday night and is pretty amazing, especially if you're one for modern day film noir). here's part of it: The latter took him, entirely against his will to L.A., where he now resides grumpily but satisfied sexually. and Noah's favorite actor is Warren Oates, who died, as Noah expects to do one day as well. Love and cherish him for this one reason. what the hell? those are odd things to write in someone's bio.

also, wishlist! i don't feel like looking for the rules, so my wishlist )

while working on my spanish take home exam last night/this morning, i was listening to a lot of qaf music and it got me thinking. i've always thought whoever it was did a really fantastic job in choosing the music for each scene. that's one thing i've never complained about. there are some scenes where the song is especially spot on, and i thought i'd list the ones that are the most "wow, this song is perfect for this scene!" to me.

liiist )

and that's it. feel free to share your opinions. i like to know these things!
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happy (very much belated) birthday, britfacexxjordan!

you're one of my closest lj friends, i love talking with you about whatever. you are awesome :D and now, an insanely huge picspam, whoa )
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i watched parts of qaf 301-304 last night, and 305-308 tonight. god, i love 308. more than any other episode. um, is it bad that i know all the lines in all the b/j scenes? and that i recite them as i'm watching? and that they're written down in the journal where i write all my favorite qaf lines and scenes and whatever else? probably makes me kind of pathetic like mikey, but what-the-fuck-ever. i love love love it. *loves*

brian looks really fucking hot in s3. his hair is perfect, especially in 301-303. the way it falls in his eyes, and is sort of shaggy, and yeah. perfect. and 302, at the underwear party? kills me with the hotness. brian should always walk around in nothing but black underwear. observe )

last night i went to see 'the covenant.' omg, you need to see it. it's badly written and badly acted, but the guys are really hot. really hot. and they're swimmers, and they walk around in their tiny speedos adhkldsjdk our running commentary made it so worthwhile.

i was going to work on my take home test today, but instead did absolutely nothing productive. half of my day was spent laying on my bed, staring at but not really watching tv. that was preferable to doing homework. and i couldn't muster up any sort of motivation. so tomorrow should be fun :P

i changed the comment text on my entries. now it's more gale-appropriate ;)

wow it's 4:30am. i should go to bed.
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happy birthday, [ profile] seanmegansean!
you're one of my closest friends on lj, i'm so glad i met you! i love your fangirliness, and your love for b/j, and everything. you're thirty! just don't celebrate the way brian did :P and now, a picspam of epic proportions, just for you. a few of your favorite scenes )

EDIT: i changed my username. i'm kind of sad, even though i wasn't particularly fond of the other one. i suppose i'll get used to it.
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i did a bit of a friends cut. i feel bad, but it had to be done. feel free to keep me on your flist, or not.

i spent this weekend almost exclusively in my room, mostly reading fic or watching qaf. 203 and 204, and 117. i really need a 'when my boy walks down the street' icon. or one from the other scene where brian and justin are walking outside. i love both of them. if any one knows of any, please do tell. those are two scenes i can't seem to find very many icons from.

i watched vanished tonight. gale's still as pretty as ever. i loved all the shouting. 'say 'i don't know' one more time!' ahaha. yes.

since i watched that dancing video where you can put in whoever's face, this song has been stuck in my head. i had to download it. i keep picturing the dancing in my head. i kind of want to imitate it, maybe.

um...that's about it. i finished my homework for once, so i should probably get to bed. goodnight! :)
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i watched clips of hal sparks on celebrity duets tonight. he makes me laugh, so hard. i just can't take him seriously. and a rock star? i'm sorry, no. every time i see him sing i think of michael singing to ben in qaf 20whateverthefuck, and i laugh. more. he is much with the cheese.

i finished reading name your wish, and wow. it's really fucking good. and long, like whoa. but fantastic. it's an alternate version of the end of s2, with angst, but good angst. read it!

and now, 121 caps. photobucket somehow didn't shrink them, so they're really big. this-a-way )
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if you're in the mood for a really good, sort of b/j but much more than that but also kind of depressing fic, i suggest you read this (heh, sounds appealing, doesn't it? :P but really. read it). it made me think, you know. hell, i'm still thinking about it now. but don't read it now if you're feeling particularly positive about qaf at the moment. i was. it's like, i go through cycles. sometimes i feel really good about b/j and qaf in general. i believe brian really does love justin and justin is happy, for real happy and not just settling and accepting the 'romance is bullshit' idea, and they do see each other even though justin is in ny, and it all works out. not in marriage and ideal happily ever afters, but in a way that works for them. but then i get pessimistic, and think that maybe justin wasn't entirely happy a.i. (after ian) and still wanted the things brian wouldn't give him, and that even though brian supposedly changed he doesn't intend to keep in contact with justin after he goes to ny, and they grow apart and don't end up together. and maybe i take this all a bit too seriously, but i don't give a shit. i like taking it seriously. makes life more interesting.

but if you're looking for postive b/j angst (like, angst but with relief and good things and such by the end), read this. it's long and angsty and fantastic and memorable post-s5, and i loved it.

i uploaded this new icon because it seemed appropriate and i do like brian/michael. just not romantically.

it's almost 11pm, and i haven't started my homework. i told myself it wouldn't be this way this year, but it is. and i can't seem to make myself care.

this post is heading dangerously toward emo-esque territory, so i'm stopping now.

EDIT: interest collage )
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here's a list of all the best (well, most, i guess) brian quotes. thanks to everyone who helped! :)

unless, of course, you're brian kinney )

thank you professor kinney, i've learned so much! :P

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