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msi picspam yay! to be followed up by a lyn-z picspam (too big, had to be split into two). ~160 pics.

gettin' down with my bad self )

part two coming soon.
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and after the most decisive round yet, we say goodbye to christian. i'm very pleased with the final two! it was who i was hoping for and, after the first couple rounds, expecting. i actually see a lot of similarities between these characters, so it's kind of funny they're the last two. but anyway

1. I have picked 10 celebs fictional characters that I find attractive;
2. Every day(ish), I will make a poll and you'll have to vote for the celeb character you find the least attractive (not so much who you LIKE, but who you find hot);
3. After 24(ish) hours, the poll will be closed and the person with the most votes will be disqualified. There will then be a new poll with the remaining contestants;
4. After ten(ish) days, there will be one winner! :D

top two: )
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this started out two and a half years ago as a camp!gerard picspam and quickly spiraled out of control. now it's an all-encompassing onstage!gerard picspam, and it's fucking huge. so huge i don't want to count how many pics there are. sooo, enter at your own risk!

tell me i'm a bad man )
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okay, so this is something i've been meaning to post since before mcr started touring again, and if i don't do it now it'll be months before it gets posted. anyway! i present to you, a hugeass mcr picspam. and there's a part two, which is just onstage!gerard, coming probably on sunday.

just get up and go )
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so! there have been a lot of great pictures from the mcr tour, right? this is a post of my favorites.

euro tour )
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for [ profile] maryangel200, i present a frank spam, for your birthday/to help combat your epically bad day. feel better, bb! ♥ under here )
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my bandwidth on pb reset today so i can finally post this, woo! this is a picspam for everyone whose birthday i've missed recently, so pretty much [ profile] joanses, [ profile] thesamefire, [ profile] shoved2agree, [ profile] harborshore, and early for [ profile] revii. happy birthday to all of you! :D

there's some mcr, msi, fob, patd, cs, tai, tu, and tbs under here: )
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because i'm crazy and like to be organized, here's a bunch of pictures from the show last night. some of them are pretty huge, just fyi. under here )
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finally! i've been working on this since like, january, and it is now complete. special thanks to [ profile] nokomis305 for encouraging me and providing an excellent starting point :D enter if you dare~ )
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bandit lee way!! i like the name; it's different without being too weird. yay, i'm so happy for them! :D let's have a picspam to celebrate! and pretend i haven't posted most of these before under here )
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happy birthday, [ profile] nokomis305! late, because i'm lame and incapable of posting these things on people's birthday, but. i hope you enjoy it! this is basically a part two to my last picspam. anyway, pics under here! )
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happy birthday, [ profile] citibyrd and [ profile] paint_the_days! for you, a picspam of mcr and their wonderful ridiculous faces :D

under here )
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okay, part 2 of my msi picspam! just lyn-z this time, and it's kind of epically huge (like, 300+ pics). i've been collecting these pics since july, and i kept putting off posting it because i kept finding more pics, but i have to post it now because it's huge. anyway, like a bad girl straight to video )
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i've been sitting on this for a while, and it's gotten pretty huge so i figured i should go ahead and post it. msi picspam! group and single pics of everyone but lyn-z (it got too big, so she has her own post). and here we go! sneak up and hit you )
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new gerard/lyn-z pic! (new as in i haven't seen it before.) check it out: from comic con )

i've been in a very leathermouth mood lately (their cd is so good! i wasn't sure how i'd feel about it, but i fucking love it), so have some pics (pretty much all frank because, well, it's me) under the cut )

is being stupid for anyone else? the new auto-correct thing. on the one hand i like it, because it meshed p!atd and patd, but i also don't because it "corrects" songs that don't need correcting. like, leathermouth's "sunsets are for muggings" shows up "sunsets are for muggers" (it is muggings, yes?), and the french version of "loretta young silks" shows up as the german version! and my top songs are messed up, i think because it meshed some live songs with the originals (but not all). i wish you could pick and choose what it corrected. or that they just get that stuff fixed.
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i've been meaning to post this for a while now, so. i originally posted it in [ profile] bandom_calendar, but i'm posting it here instead of linking there because i like to have my picspams in my journal, and i've added new pics since then. anyway, on to frank (~181 pics): did you get kicked in the balls by someone named frankie? )
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i was going to post a rl update, but then [ profile] nokomis305 posted a new pic of gerard and lyn-z at a cure concert, and i had to share )

i downloaded it, but i haven't listened to the new fob album yet, just i don't care over and over. i'm not getting it till christmas so i'm trying to hold out till then, although i might give in and listen to it on tuesday. we'll see!
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in order to stalk follow them, i got a twitter. you should add me if you have one :)

and now, have a gerard/lyn-z picspam )

EDIT: it's official, both lyn-z and gerard and steve! msi posted a bulletin on their myspace. i was kind of thinking it would turn out to be a rumor, but it's truuuuue.
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frank picspam! i've been meaning to post this since his bday but for various reasons am just getting around to it now. 101 pics, so dialuppers beware. anyway. enjoy! it made me a lesbian. i only date girls now. )

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