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so check this out. i was on my photobucket and decided to check out the stats, and i noticed that one of the random qaf pics i had uploaded has received over 10,000 views in the past week, most of them coming from one site. i looked it up, and they're blatantly hotlinking the pic from my pb, here (and possibly [ profile] paddies's too, if that's her pb for the second pic). wtf? they have their own website but can't manage to upload the image to their own server? idek how they found it; it doesn't show up in the first few pages on google. i'm not making this out to be a bigger deal than it is, am i? i mean, it's using my bandwidth, which i have a limited amount of. i deleted the pic but it's still showing up, so i left them a comment about it. we'll see what happens.
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today fandom really brought out the drama llama. it's adding to my already bummed out-ness that's been around the past few days. idk, i think i need a change of scenery or a new routine; the same old same old is driving me crazy.

anyway. you should read this bs metal hammer article. the only thing i like about it is msi's snarky and pissed off answers. the question that brings up mcr and the one that says kitty is "the non-descript one" especially make me >:( here's the other page.

it seems a lot of people haven't seen this pic of gerard, so i decided to stop (or should i say start?) being a whore and share: under the cut )

you know what i hate? when you're reading a fic that starts off so promising, and then it suddenly takes a bad turn. it's worse than straight up badfic, because it's all ~deceitful and lures you in with its promise of goodness before spitting in your face. or something less melodramatic, but still. if i'm going to be reading badfic, i want to be aware of it from the start.
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happy birthday, [ profile] miss_sarac!
i hope you had a fantastic day!

gale hopes so, too ;) )

lovebugs are everywhere. they're annoying as fuck.

there are these two commercials that annoy the shit out of me, and they come on all the time. i hate them. wtf were they thinking when they made these? they make me want to break my tv, not buy their product. i found them on youtube. here they are )

idiots. this rampant dislike is like, the culmination of all the negativity i've been feeling lately. um, going now.

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