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happy birthday (belated and otherwise) to [ profile] callie89, [ profile] ayesakara, and [ profile] makesomelove!
i hope you all had a terrific day! :D

i am all done with exams, woo! i was supposed to have my linguistics one tomorrow, but our professor told us on the last day of class (last tuesday) that the final was optional, only to improve your grade. since i have an a, i'm not taking it. my mom's not coming till friday, so i have a few days with absolutely nothing to do. i've been watching a lot of qaf, and it's been fabulous.

i finally finished the ms paint meme. here are the pics )

that's it. um, i hope it was worth the wait, haha.
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i've been reading a lot of [ profile] beyond_babylon stuff the past few days. specifically the "weird period" in b/j's relationship, you know, then brian goes to ny and he and justin make up, yadda yadda, etc. it's my favorite storyline, and pretty much the only one i can remember. it's making me want to read the whole thing over again.

speaking of fic, i read all the entries in [ profile] qaf_challenges. i've posted a link to my favorites, in case you want to check them out. the authors were just revealed this evening, so sorry, no anonymity for you. under ze cut )

you know what's kind of crazy? i saw gale's episode of law and order: svu before i even knew who he was. when i watched it purposely, to look for him, about halfway through i realized i'd already seen that episode before. it's funny i didn't remember, because surely i would have noticed the most attractive man i'd ever seen staring back at me from my tv screen. although, gale did look...different, in that episode. not really like himself, and it's not just the glasses. his hair was kind of, no thank you. doesn't stop me from wanting to watch it, though.

okay, something that really irritates me, is people who say that cowlip got it wrong, and they read fic that "fixes" what happened on the show. specifically, the finale. i don't get how people can say that what happened on the show is wrong. it can't be wrong, it's cannon! the writers, the people who created the show, are the ones who decided what should happen; it's not possible that they got it wrong. it's their creation; there is no right or wrong, you know? it is what it is. i mean, i can understand why people would say that, if they're unhappy with the ending or find it somehow inappropriate, but still. it's not a test; it's not like brian and justin's relationship was supposed to achieve a certain level and cl failed to get them there. cl (or the other writers, but cl have the final say) decide what happens, and then it happens. um, i don't mean to offend anyone. anyway.

if you'd like to participate in the once you're drunk it's like, you're drunk party, please go here and fill out the poll.

also, stolen from machiiinaonika:
MS Paint Meme Rules:
1. Comment here and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and draw a picture using the mighty MS Paint.
2. You have no say in what I draw for you, or in how much it will suck!
3. Put this in your journal along with the pictures people drew for you (or, you know, not).

here are my drawings from the last time i did it, if you want to see what you're getting into ;)

now i'm off to watch particles of truth!
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i figured out how to make screencaps! i have power dvd, and i noticed before that there's a little camera button, and i had clicked it but i couldn't find where the caps went. then today i realized you can choose where they go, so i did and i found them and yay! i know this isn't a huge deal or anything, but it's something computer-related that i figured out for myself, so i'm happy because that doesn't happen often.

even though i can now make my own caps, i have a question. does anyone know of any sites with good quality qaf caps besides the fabulous gale-online, kwaf, and queer eyes? i was working on a new picspam, and apparently gale-online has removed its s1-3 caps, and queer eyes and kwaf don't have complete s2 and 3 caps. if there's not, i'll make my own, but then i'd have to go through each episode and look for specific things, and while i wouldn't mind doing that ;) it would take a lot more time, which i don't really have.

i watched parts of qaf episodes 101-107 last night. i hadn't watched any in so long, i got really excited when it started :D but i got tired and couldn't watch any more, since i had been up since 5 and at a crew race all day.

from something [ profile] seanmegansean and i discussed: if anyone is particularly bored and feels like making an image using a brian pic that says, "everything i need to know about life i learned from brian kinney," i'd do...something. send you virtual cookies, or maybe something a bit more substantial. i don't know. but something, and it would be nice.

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