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instead of a rl update, have an end of the year meme thing! under here )

also, i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for sticking with me this past year. i know i've been a pretty shitty lj friend (thank you tumblr), but i'm going to try to be more present here. i love you all ♥
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omg you guys new picturrrre )

in other news, i just finished watching the runaways. it's a pretty fucking awesome movie! and it made my crush on kristen stewart grow like, exponentially. seriously, you should all watch it!
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so on tuesday, my sister and i went to see twilight/new moon/eclipse, all in a row. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN. it was also the most time i've ever spent at the movies. we got there around 5, twilight started at 6:30, and then eclipse got over around 2:30am. it was NUTS, but awesome. and then we went to see eclipse again tonight, haha. i really really liked it, it was definitely the least annoying of the three.

also, i'm leaving tomorrow for chicago for the holiday. i'll be back on the 11th. until then, happy 4th of july! :D
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For one month, post/share:

Day 04 | Your favorite book )

lol i'm so predictable. i love all the books, but i think ootp is my favorite, followed closely by gof. i guess i have a thing for ~epic fantasies with magical elements, good triumphing over evil, where you're not sure whether the main character will make it or not (see also: lotr). i've read these books so many times, and i never get tired of them. harry potter <333

speaking of super popular books ---> movies series, last night i saw new moon for the second time. um, it's kind of embarrassing how much i enjoyed it. i liked twilight pretty much just for the lolz, but this one i legitimately enjoyed. i mean, it's still ridiculous and annoying and awkward (the bella/edward parts! they're so awkward together, and not in an endearing way.) and badfic on the big screen, and i think bella is pathetic and makes very stupid decisions, but i still liked it, especially the jacob parts. i must admit, when he cuts his hair, he looks super hot. also, i love bella's clothes; i would totally wear everything she wears in the movie. and the music, the music's good too. um, so those are my twilight thoughts.
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For one month, post/share:

Day 02 | Your favorite movie )

lord of the rings! (totally counts as one movie.) my favorite, forever and always. it's got pretty much everything i could ever want in a movie, and i love that they've created such a realistic world that you can totally immerse yourself in. &thesemovies;

also, have a meme, stolen from [ profile] citibyrd:

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). Really, don't read the questions below until you pick your ten artists!!!

1. my chemical romance
2. mindless self indulgence
3. incubus
4. radiohead
5. muse
6. fall out boy
7. panic at the disco
8. cobra starship
9. interpol
10. lady gaga

Questions and Answers: )
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hello, everyone! i'm back from florida, and i've been trying to get caught up on the flist (it's taking FOREVER, it's like a month and a half of stuff). it was a lot of fun; i got to see some of my friends i hadn't seen since may, spent too much money on gas, saw the dark knight again (still amazing), saw step brothers (HILARIOUS), pineapple express (so fkn funny), and just enjoyed not being at work, ha. it kind of made me miss florida, although i don't think i'll be moving back.

apparently there have been some ~crazy happenings while i've been away, like gerard dying his hair bright red lol, and frank making out with a heckler during a leathermouth performance (FRANK, SERIOUSLY. idk what to do with you). i enjoy this.

i feel like i had more to say, but i can't think. instead, i leave you with the few pics i've seen of gerard's new hair )

if you have any more, you should totally share. i kind of dig it.
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so i'm watching bend it like beckham when all of a sudden - jonathan rhys-meyers, what are you doing on my tv screen? and dancing, no less. that is reason enough for this movie to win.

my history of electronic music class sucks ass. i know what you're thinking - a class about music, what's not to like, right? WRONG. it is the most pointless class i've ever taken, and that's saying something. i feel like i haven't learned anything. i hate it like burning. the hate, it is burning!

anyway. desktop meme: )

six days till fall out boy! i'm ridiculously excited omg. twice in three days! it's going to be amazing.

and now for fun, a random bandom picspam. this way )

and that's it. now i really must do hw omg.
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last night i saw interpol in concert, and it was amazing. i think i might like the way they sound live better than on cd, idk. it was general admission, so i was able to get really close. also, HOT, i didn't realize. it was their entire appearance: the way they looked on stage (and like, guys playing the guitar is already hot, but there was something about the lead singer (paul) and guitarist (daniel) that made me unable to look away), their clothes, their hair, their instruments, the way they moved. they really seemed to enjoy being onstage and playing their songs, and i love that. and paul and daniel would do this thing where they'd get really close and face each other while playing the guitar, and smile at each other, and throughout the show paul kept looking over and smiling at daniel, and i kind of died a little omg ♥ i want to see them again like, right now. also the bass player started smoking in the middle of the show, and i'm not gonna lie, it was pretty hot.

this band called the liars opened for them, and they were incredibly odd. the lead singer didn't so much sing as moan, and he looked as if he were attempting to blow the microphone, which was amusing. he danced too, and being a tall, lanky guy it was pretty funny (purposely, i think). overall pretty entertaining, but they're not why i was there.

cut for excessive rambling )

you know what's gross? people who let their dogs lick their face. more specifically, their mouth. that's disgusting. you know what's annoying? the girl in my spanish class that starts out every thought with "yo pienso que." i know it's what you think, you don't need to say so every time you speak! and she talks a lot, and so slow and in circles because she's not very good at espaƱol, and it drives me crazy.

i watched velvet goldmine for the first time this weekend, and i loved it. it's all about style and excess, and a bit campy, like glam rock. if nothing else, watch it to see ewan mcgregor on stage, shirtless and wearing guyliner and really tight pants. GUH, the man is beautiful. there's also jonathan rhys meyers (who looks really good in makeup), and christian bale (who doesn't so much, but looks awesome in "present day" in the movie). yes do it. also, ryan ross has totally seen this movie, you know he has.

btw, does anyone happen to have the soundtrack? i asked on a certain community, and the only response i got was "my gf will only upload it if you upload" some fucking rick springfield album. like, wtf?

EDIT: join [ profile] mixtracks!


2 June 2007 04:03
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I AM LAME. while not at work, i've been pretty much glued to my computer screen, reading up on all the crazy shit that's been happening with lj (and watching jeff buckley videos on youtube, but that's for another entry). and i've been trying to post about seeing damien rice in concert yesterday (dr ftw!), but lj won't let me post any entries even approaching long-ness. or reply to comments anymore. or edit my already posted entries. may tomorrow be a better day!

also, blood diamond = *thumbs up!*
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happy birthday, [ profile] shadownyc! i hope you had a fantastic day :D *hugs* some prettiness for you )

hollywood video was having some kind of crazy movie sale today, and guess what was for sale at the 99 cent table. a random tape from qaf s2! (that's right, on vhs). i really wanted to buy it, just because, but i was with family so i couldn't. when my sister, my cousin and i went back later, it was already gone. sad face. but maybe some person who's never seen it before decided to check it out. that's what i'm thinking. my dad bought the departed, children of men, and blood diamond.

we also went to a couple game trading stores i guess they were, and my sister and i bought several movies for cheap. i bought v for vendetta, a hard day's night (beatles movie! i haven't seen this since 9th grade), and all three austin powers, ha. we also bought a controller and an expansion pack for nintendo64, as well as perfect dark and pokemon snap. um, i love that game. you drive through different courses taking pictures of pokemon; hello, awesome! but seriously. it's fun.

movie talk )

i should probably get to bed. good night!
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stolen from [ profile] turnyourankle and [ profile] lovebashed:
Here are lines from the first 20 songs that pop up on my playlist. The challenge: comment with a drabble inspired by any line of your choice! Then go and post these instruction in your own journal so people can write drabbles for you.

lyrics this way )

does anyone know of any icons of brian in 120? when he sees justin in the backroom, aka underneath the stairs. i've been looking and i haven't found any. of course i haven't looked very hard. also, does anyone know where i can find last night's episode of heroes? i missed it because i went to see music & lyrics, which was actually pretty good. i kind of want the soundtrack, haha. that song "pop! goes my heart" has been stuck in my head all day.

i'm really tired, so i think i might go to bed soon. probably not, but i'll think about it.

p.s. join [ profile] picquest!

EDIT: here's the video for "pop! goes my heart." beware: once you listen to it, it will be stuck in your head forever! mwahaha pop! goes my heart )
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kind of late, but happy birthday, summerinabaddonlaura! i hope you had a great day :D

i was listening to qaf music last night, and i noticed something strange about the lyrics of "i wanna mmm." here's a sample: "well i was walkin' down the street, chillin', as you do. / when who should come up / behind me but, donald duck. / well hey, it had to be the way. and he had a few words to say to me, / and they were / i, i wanna mmm mmm, i..." kind of really strange.

speaking of strange, look at the bio for actor noah segan from "brick" (which, incidentally, i watched thursday night and is pretty amazing, especially if you're one for modern day film noir). here's part of it: The latter took him, entirely against his will to L.A., where he now resides grumpily but satisfied sexually. and Noah's favorite actor is Warren Oates, who died, as Noah expects to do one day as well. Love and cherish him for this one reason. what the hell? those are odd things to write in someone's bio.

also, wishlist! i don't feel like looking for the rules, so my wishlist )

while working on my spanish take home exam last night/this morning, i was listening to a lot of qaf music and it got me thinking. i've always thought whoever it was did a really fantastic job in choosing the music for each scene. that's one thing i've never complained about. there are some scenes where the song is especially spot on, and i thought i'd list the ones that are the most "wow, this song is perfect for this scene!" to me.

liiist )

and that's it. feel free to share your opinions. i like to know these things!
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i watched parts of qaf 301-304 last night, and 305-308 tonight. god, i love 308. more than any other episode. um, is it bad that i know all the lines in all the b/j scenes? and that i recite them as i'm watching? and that they're written down in the journal where i write all my favorite qaf lines and scenes and whatever else? probably makes me kind of pathetic like mikey, but what-the-fuck-ever. i love love love it. *loves*

brian looks really fucking hot in s3. his hair is perfect, especially in 301-303. the way it falls in his eyes, and is sort of shaggy, and yeah. perfect. and 302, at the underwear party? kills me with the hotness. brian should always walk around in nothing but black underwear. observe )

last night i went to see 'the covenant.' omg, you need to see it. it's badly written and badly acted, but the guys are really hot. really hot. and they're swimmers, and they walk around in their tiny speedos adhkldsjdk our running commentary made it so worthwhile.

i was going to work on my take home test today, but instead did absolutely nothing productive. half of my day was spent laying on my bed, staring at but not really watching tv. that was preferable to doing homework. and i couldn't muster up any sort of motivation. so tomorrow should be fun :P

i changed the comment text on my entries. now it's more gale-appropriate ;)

wow it's 4:30am. i should go to bed.
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stolen from [ profile] peach_passion, because it looked like fun.

Pick 10 15 of your favorite movie, tv, book and other quotes and post them in your journal
As people guess them, cross them off and credit who guessed them.
Tag 5 people to do the meme.

1. what we do in life echoes in eternity. maximus, gladiator - [ profile] eudaimon

2. he looks like a deranged easter bunny! mr. parker, a christmas story - [ profile] mrsinfuture

3. and there i was, killing them softly with my song. or rather being killed. and not that softly either. will, about a boy - [ profile] eudaimon, [ profile] machiiina

4. back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that i'm not a fool. i got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, i hope i don't get in a fight. billy madison, billy madison - [ profile] summerinabaddon, [ profile] machiiina

5. well, i had to stop her screaming! mr. green, clue

6. married. i can see you right now in the kitchen, bending over a hot stove. but i can't see the stove. rufus t. firefly, duck soup

7. he's gonna get an extra special kick, later. brian kinney, queer as folk - [ profile] summerinabaddon, [ profile] machiiina

8. i am jack's complete lack of surprise. narrator, fight club - [ profile] eudaimon, [ profile] machiiina

9. this definitely rates about a 9.0 on my weird-shit-o-meter. j, men in black - [ profile] mrsinfuture

10. you know, like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills...girls only want boyfriends who have great skills. napoleon, napoleon dynamite - [ profile] machiiina

11. no, not again. i...why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam? i swear to god, one of these days, i just kick this piece of shit out the window. samir, office space - [ profile] eudaimon

12. hamburgers. the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast. jules, pulp fiction - [ profile] giventofly37

13. so this is hell. and there's a crucifix in it. armand goldman, the birdcage - [ profile] bambbles

14. you know, in my defense, your poisons all look alike. you might think about relabeling some of them. kronk, the emperor's new groove - [ profile] summerinabaddon

15. anybody want a peanut? fezzik, the princess bride - [ profile] giventofly37

not tagging anyone. do it if you feel like it (do it!).
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Take this list and post it into your own LJ, and bold the movies you've seen. Add five more movies to the end of the list. Count how many movies you have seen. If you've seen more than 70 movies, you are a "movie whore". Post the score of how many movies you've seen in the subject line. Use a LJ-cut since you've got at least one LJ-friend who doesn't really want to see an ungodly number of movies snaking its way down the computer monitor.

the movies )
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i just realized the title of my last post is 'a lament for my car,' while my mood is cheerful. these two are not connected, the cheerfulness comes from watching PoA last night and finding out when finding neverland arrives. just so there's no confusion.

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