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so on saturday i got to go to matt nathanson's sound check! it was so fun, he's such an amazing person. i saw him in concert three years ago, and even though i wasn't super familiar with his music, i still had a great time because, well because of the music but also because he's so charming, funny, and personable. i'm going to try to make this as detailed as possible for you, jordan!

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uh, wow. to anyone still reading, go see matt nathanson!
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on saturday i saw matt nathanson in concert! here in nashville. you guys, he is so amazing and adorable and hilarious. his stage banter is the best ever. i wish i could remember all the funny things he said but alas, it was too much. but anyway. jessie baylin was the opener; she was pretty good, not really my thing but enjoyable.

then matt came out! he is very personable and seems very comfortable, and he really gets into the music. he's got some nice dance moves too; i like the way he moves his hips (if you've seen the video for come on get higher, you'll know what i mean). he talked about a bunch of different things, like how la is nashville with a tan, and how he hopes someone has sex while listening to his song, still (lies. that was some other song. still was the song he said was about naked time, not naked time by yourself, but naked time with another person). he said that some song was like the first episode of this season of gossip girl, and that he not so secretly loves meet the kardashians, and that those of us with class don't know what he's talking about haha. oh, and he told us that one of his songs (princess?) was almost exactly like that song jessie's girl with a few changes. in the middle of singing it he broke into jessie's girl for a while, it was pretty cool.

i can't remember all of what he sang, but i do know he sang:
car crash
heartbreak world
wedding dress
to the beat of our noisy hearts
bent (i think)
detroit waves
church clothes
come on get higher
answering machine

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so yes, it was a v awesome time, would see again.

i'm leaving for florida tomorrow and coming back probably on monday, so i won't be around till then. have a lovely weekend!

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