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new gerard/lyn-z pic! (new as in i haven't seen it before.) check it out: from comic con )

i've been in a very leathermouth mood lately (their cd is so good! i wasn't sure how i'd feel about it, but i fucking love it), so have some pics (pretty much all frank because, well, it's me) under the cut )

is being stupid for anyone else? the new auto-correct thing. on the one hand i like it, because it meshed p!atd and patd, but i also don't because it "corrects" songs that don't need correcting. like, leathermouth's "sunsets are for muggings" shows up "sunsets are for muggers" (it is muggings, yes?), and the french version of "loretta young silks" shows up as the german version! and my top songs are messed up, i think because it meshed some live songs with the originals (but not all). i wish you could pick and choose what it corrected. or that they just get that stuff fixed.
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does anyone know of a site besides where you can rip the audio from a video? every time i try, it just says "resolving the video url" and then never goes any further. idk if it's just my computer or what. it's annoying.

also, does anyone have a clean version of "guilty pleasure" or katy perry's "hot n cold"? my little sister likes those songs, and she's only eleven, so i'd rather her not hear fuck and bitch if it can be avoided. plus my mom would be pissed.

also also, this picture of frank )
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hello, everyone! i'm back from florida, and i've been trying to get caught up on the flist (it's taking FOREVER, it's like a month and a half of stuff). it was a lot of fun; i got to see some of my friends i hadn't seen since may, spent too much money on gas, saw the dark knight again (still amazing), saw step brothers (HILARIOUS), pineapple express (so fkn funny), and just enjoyed not being at work, ha. it kind of made me miss florida, although i don't think i'll be moving back.

apparently there have been some ~crazy happenings while i've been away, like gerard dying his hair bright red lol, and frank making out with a heckler during a leathermouth performance (FRANK, SERIOUSLY. idk what to do with you). i enjoy this.

i feel like i had more to say, but i can't think. instead, i leave you with the few pics i've seen of gerard's new hair )

if you have any more, you should totally share. i kind of dig it.

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