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is anyone else's twitter feed (or whatever) not working? the last post it shows is from me 13 hours ago, but when i go to people's profiles, it shows they've updated. idk what's going on, but i'm hoping it's just a temporary problem.

in better news, ADAM LAMBERT AFHDKLASJFLA. he's trying to kill us, i just know it *___*
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hey! i'm back home, and i've been trying to catch up on the flist. i'll post a real update later this week but in the meantiiiime...

i've been working on a msi primer, and it's almost done. is there anyone with a good knowledge of the band that'd be willing to look it over for me? to make sure it reads okay and that all the info's correct, and to see if there's anything i should add or whatever. it can be more than one person. let me know!
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happy (slightly belated) birthday, [ profile] colorthenight and [ profile] sayingwhatiam! you are both fun, unique, interesting people, and i'm glad i know you ♥

so i was on buzznet earlier (i spend way too much time there, it's sad), and i found a picture of gerard and lyn-z i'd never seen before:

do you think it's real? it looks like it to me; i mean it's a little blurry and the date's wrong, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's fake.

speaking of gerard and lyn-z, are there any icons of them that aren't of that pic of them kissing? i feel like there must be, but that's all i have saved.

and now, have a meme:
1. Open your Winamp/iTunes/WMP
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your f-list guess who they are.

meme me up, scotty )
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flist, i have a question for you. when you look at the entry before this one, do you see an icon of lyn-z doing the backbend, or do you see brian and justin (from queer as folk) hugging? also, is the icon in this entry of gerard and worm, or is it some weird cartoon girl's head changing colors? this is so strange! why would lj randomly change some of my already uploaded icons? it did this once before a few weeks ago; i had to delete and reupload the icon and it's been fine since then. has this happened to anyone else? i think this is very odd.

edit: when i got back on later, they were both back, but i just refreshed my page and the gerard/worm one is changed again! i think i'm going to reupload it.
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does anyone know of a site besides where you can rip the audio from a video? every time i try, it just says "resolving the video url" and then never goes any further. idk if it's just my computer or what. it's annoying.

also, does anyone have a clean version of "guilty pleasure" or katy perry's "hot n cold"? my little sister likes those songs, and she's only eleven, so i'd rather her not hear fuck and bitch if it can be avoided. plus my mom would be pissed.

also also, this picture of frank )
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so, i'm pretty sure that i've read/heard ray say (so definitive, i know :P) that he has a dog that he named after jack bauer, and i know some people refer to their pets as their children (my tenth grade history teacher was one of them), so...i'm reserving judgment on any possible torobabies. i mean, i might have made that interview up, but i really don't think i did. i'm kind of hoping it is true, but idk. does anyone else remember this? am i just talking crazy? either way, i'm gonna go see if i can find any place ray mentions a dog.
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hi to my new friends from the bandom friending meme! *waves* i don't have an intro post, so i guess i'll tell you a little about myself. my name's lauren, i'm 22 and going to graduate college in may, which i'm kind of freaked out about. um, if you'd like to know anything, just ask!

i'm so excited mcr are touring one last time!! i didn't think i'd get to see them but now i totally am. maybe. i hope they announce more tour dates, because otherwise i'm not gonna be able to see them. or i'll have to like, skip class and fly to chicago or something. i have a free plane ticket from southwest, it could happen!

okay, when/where did gerard say "it tastes like somebody stole my wallet"? i've seen it quoted a bunch of times but nobody ever cites the source, and i really want to know the context haha.

here, have a picture of frank )

okay, off to bed, maybe.

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