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i keep telling myself i'll be better at updating, and now february's on its way out and i've only updated once this year. blah. anyway, something i've been meaning to say for a couple months: christmas cards! i received one from [ profile] kidsxheroes, [ profile] piratesunk, [ profile] citibyrd, [ profile] tortugax, and [ profile] greedy_dancer. thank you so much! :D

based on the most recent entry at brbb, it seems my mix was claimed! i was convinced it wasn't, since i didn't spend as much time on it as i wanted to, and i'm not exactly broad in my tastes. but yay! i'm excited to read all the fic.

nothing much has been happening on the rl front, so i've been spending way too much time online. or really, just on my computer. a couple weeks ago i watched all of sherlock, and it has TAKEN OVER MY BRAIN. it's just so good! saturday i finished my first rewatch, and now i'm wanting to start it all over again. i've even read fic! speaking of which, you should totally rec me fic. i've already read this, which was really fantastic. so yes, fic recs please, if you have any.
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flist, rec me gabe/vicky t fic! seeing them in concert made me want it (which is probably like, the opposite of what it should do, but ~whatevs. i'm okay with my creepy.). it's all gabe's fault, he totally ships it. or he wants us to ship it. anyway. recs please!

Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step3: Strike out the songs when someone guesses the titles and artists correctly and put the name of the song/who sings it and the username of the person who guessed it at the end of the lyric.
Step 4: Looking them up on google or any other search engine is CHEATING!!

i do this meme too much )
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okay people, check this out: )

gerard/mikey used to squick me, but then i read a few fics and realized i kind of really like it. but i don't know where to find the good fic, so! flist, please rec me some gerard/mikey, if you will.

also, i put some of the pics i took at the last msi show i went to up on my flickr. you should check them out, i edited them and everything (meaning, i cropped some of them to get rid of too much empty space, heh). they've made their way to buzznet, which i think is kind of exciting even though like, anything and everything gets put on there, ha.

HOMG I NOW HAVE 195 USERPICS. i didn't know you could have that many! now i have over 50 spaces to fill; this is going to be fun :D
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happy birthday, [ profile] prettygood! i hope you had a fantastic day :D

i've been a pretty shitty commenter for most people lately, sorry about that. i've been feeling apathetic about a lot of things in rl and it's bleeding into my online time, but hopefully the blahness will go away soon. a bit of good news: i checked msi's website, and apparently they're coming to jacksonville on may 6, which is my last day of exams. so even though it's farther than the orlando show, it's not the day before graduation which means i can definitely go :D

this is what i get for looking for pictures on google )

so because i'm crazy, i bought that issue of kerrang magazine with the huge poster of gerard and mikey. it's hanging on my wall :D i actually have multiple posters on my walls this year, it's crazy haha.

yeah, i should go do homework.

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