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-[ profile] fleurdeliser. happy birthday, bb! i hope it was fabulous :D (sorry i missed the actual day; i was out of town for my cousin's bday!)

-ADAM LAMBERT. he's so well-spoken and candid and ~savvy and kind of hilarious. i love how comfortable he is with himself; it's one of the things i admire most about him.

-lady gaga - bad romance. i can't stop watching this video! she's so weird, i fucking love her. and i have no idea how she walks in those shoes. even if you don't like her, you should watch the video, it's amazing.

-lyn-z. gorgeous as always <333

-so i get random rolling stone magazines mailed to me, and today i received the one with the blurbs about mcr and adam lambert!

-music memes )
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for [ profile] maryangel200, i present a frank spam, for your birthday/to help combat your epically bad day. feel better, bb! ♥ under here )
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happy birthday, [ profile] nokomis305! late, because i'm lame and incapable of posting these things on people's birthday, but. i hope you enjoy it! this is basically a part two to my last picspam. anyway, pics under here! )
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happy birthday, [ profile] citibyrd and [ profile] paint_the_days! for you, a picspam of mcr and their wonderful ridiculous faces :D

under here )
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happy (slightly belated) birthday, [ profile] colorthenight and [ profile] sayingwhatiam! you are both fun, unique, interesting people, and i'm glad i know you ♥

so i was on buzznet earlier (i spend way too much time there, it's sad), and i found a picture of gerard and lyn-z i'd never seen before:

do you think it's real? it looks like it to me; i mean it's a little blurry and the date's wrong, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's fake.

speaking of gerard and lyn-z, are there any icons of them that aren't of that pic of them kissing? i feel like there must be, but that's all i have saved.

and now, have a meme:
1. Open your Winamp/iTunes/WMP
2. Put the shuffle-mode on.
3. Find a picture of the first 20 artists. If the same artist comes again, skip.
4. Have your f-list guess who they are.

meme me up, scotty )
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for your bday, monia (the celebration of which should last a week, so this is totally not late :P), here is a picspam! it's a mix and match of mcr members, no solo pics. well, mostly. under here )
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happy birthday, [ profile] prettygood! i hope you had a fantastic day :D

i've been a pretty shitty commenter for most people lately, sorry about that. i've been feeling apathetic about a lot of things in rl and it's bleeding into my online time, but hopefully the blahness will go away soon. a bit of good news: i checked msi's website, and apparently they're coming to jacksonville on may 6, which is my last day of exams. so even though it's farther than the orlando show, it's not the day before graduation which means i can definitely go :D

this is what i get for looking for pictures on google )

so because i'm crazy, i bought that issue of kerrang magazine with the huge poster of gerard and mikey. it's hanging on my wall :D i actually have multiple posters on my walls this year, it's crazy haha.

yeah, i should go do homework.
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happy only slightly belated birthday, [ profile] lastglances! i really hope that you enjoyed your day :D

tom conrad's new band is pretty amazing. i keep listening to the songs over and over; i kind of love them already <33

we are leaving in about an hour to drive to chicago. i figured it was pointless to try to go to bed, so i'm just going to sleep in the van. i drank so much caffeine today, i'm all jittery and feel kind of crazy and hyper and like i'm going to crash any minute, heh.

i just finished reading the last part of the holly golightly club. if you're not reading it, WHY THE HELL NOT? it's one of the most amazing fics i've ever read, i love it so much. you don't even have to know anything about my chemical romance to read it, just watch the video linked at the top of the first part. seriously, check it out.

okay, time to go waste time until we leave. merry christmas/happy holidays, everyone! ♥
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happy birthday, dietrebecca! i think you're a really great person, and i always have fun talking with you. i hope you had a fantastic day, you deserve it ♥

the academy is... concert was AMAZING. amazing! william beckett is so fun too watch, he's so energetic, and he does this mick jagger strut, and it's awesome. he gets really into it and interacts with the crowd, and at the end he came into the crowd (i think he was sitting on one of the security guards) and touched people's hands and stuff. i was able to get really really close, it was awesome! once they came out, i didn't even care about the annoying girls jumping on my feet during the rocket summer's set (seriously, one girl right in front of me was really big and really young and seemed to think any space not filled by her jumping body was space wasted), or the large guys moshing very close to me, making me even more squished. or the fire alarm that woke me up at 8:30 that morning. it was so, so much fun, and i want to see them again like, right now. if you're at all a fan, you should definitely see them in concert!

a few fun observations: during part of trs (i was not a fan) and armor for sleep (i liked them), the butcher was ~lurking on the side. i could see his hot tattoo through his v-neck shirt, oh yes.
before tai came out, this guy was upstairs near the stage, taking pictures of the crowd (i guess?) through the window. idk what that was about.
lol at the people who got there really early to get a good spot. i got there about 15 minutes before sherwood, the first opening act came out, and i ended up with a kickass spot.
william is really really pretty, and really really skinny. before the concert he would'nt have been on my list of people i'd have sex with, but now? oh hell yes. and he sounds amazing live. i can't listen to their music anymore without dancing haha.

setlist )

do you know what i hate? when tyra gets all *fierce eyes* at the camera in the antm credits. it annoys me so much, and i can't even explain why. anyway. i should go to bed.
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happy birthday, [ profile] shadownyc! i hope you had a fantastic day :D *hugs* some prettiness for you )

hollywood video was having some kind of crazy movie sale today, and guess what was for sale at the 99 cent table. a random tape from qaf s2! (that's right, on vhs). i really wanted to buy it, just because, but i was with family so i couldn't. when my sister, my cousin and i went back later, it was already gone. sad face. but maybe some person who's never seen it before decided to check it out. that's what i'm thinking. my dad bought the departed, children of men, and blood diamond.

we also went to a couple game trading stores i guess they were, and my sister and i bought several movies for cheap. i bought v for vendetta, a hard day's night (beatles movie! i haven't seen this since 9th grade), and all three austin powers, ha. we also bought a controller and an expansion pack for nintendo64, as well as perfect dark and pokemon snap. um, i love that game. you drive through different courses taking pictures of pokemon; hello, awesome! but seriously. it's fun.

movie talk )

i should probably get to bed. good night!
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happy birthday (belated and otherwise) to [ profile] callie89, [ profile] ayesakara, and [ profile] makesomelove!
i hope you all had a terrific day! :D

i am all done with exams, woo! i was supposed to have my linguistics one tomorrow, but our professor told us on the last day of class (last tuesday) that the final was optional, only to improve your grade. since i have an a, i'm not taking it. my mom's not coming till friday, so i have a few days with absolutely nothing to do. i've been watching a lot of qaf, and it's been fabulous.

i finally finished the ms paint meme. here are the pics )

that's it. um, i hope it was worth the wait, haha.
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happy birthday, cuemypulsekatie!

i know you're sick and you might not see this, but i hope you managed to have a good day regardless. feel better soon! now for some pretty )

that's it! feel free to use for caps or whatever.
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black_berryelz, in honor of your bday (several weeks ago) and of you being such a wonderful person, picspam! i ♥ you, you know :D

warm sun pours over me )
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i've been watching skins lately, and it's an awesome awesome AWESOME show. here is the website, if you want to check it out (you should!). i was a little wary at first, but i fell in love practically right away. the past couple days i've found out a lot more people than i realized are watching it, and i bet there are more, so poll )

have you ever seen a commercial for the badcock furniture store? there's always some couple talking, and then the guy pops up behind them and says something like, "you should make a visit to my badcock store," and i crack up every time, haha. it's unintentionally dirty (really, the guy is so cheesy), and he even has badcock written on his shirt. it makes me think of brian in 310, when he wants to play good cock, bad cock, ha.

i want to make another fanmix, and i'm kinda thinking it should be gale/randy. it would be like, completely subjective, since we know so little about them, and their personalities and the true nature of their relationship is up in the air. still. i need to try!

there's something else i wanted i say, but of course i can't remember. it'll come to me later on, while i'm trying to fall asleep. when all such things come to mind.

p.s. happy birthday, [ profile] lovebashed! i hope you have a fabulous day :D
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known_anonymityashley! i feel kind of silly having this be a bday thing since it's been two months, so let's just say it's a "yay thanks for being such an awesome friend i ♥ you like whoa" thing, mmkay :D

wassup )

that's it! feel free to use the caps for whatever, don't claim them as your own, hotlinking kills, etc.
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kind of late, but happy birthday, summerinabaddonlaura! i hope you had a great day :D

i was listening to qaf music last night, and i noticed something strange about the lyrics of "i wanna mmm." here's a sample: "well i was walkin' down the street, chillin', as you do. / when who should come up / behind me but, donald duck. / well hey, it had to be the way. and he had a few words to say to me, / and they were / i, i wanna mmm mmm, i..." kind of really strange.

speaking of strange, look at the bio for actor noah segan from "brick" (which, incidentally, i watched thursday night and is pretty amazing, especially if you're one for modern day film noir). here's part of it: The latter took him, entirely against his will to L.A., where he now resides grumpily but satisfied sexually. and Noah's favorite actor is Warren Oates, who died, as Noah expects to do one day as well. Love and cherish him for this one reason. what the hell? those are odd things to write in someone's bio.

also, wishlist! i don't feel like looking for the rules, so my wishlist )

while working on my spanish take home exam last night/this morning, i was listening to a lot of qaf music and it got me thinking. i've always thought whoever it was did a really fantastic job in choosing the music for each scene. that's one thing i've never complained about. there are some scenes where the song is especially spot on, and i thought i'd list the ones that are the most "wow, this song is perfect for this scene!" to me.

liiist )

and that's it. feel free to share your opinions. i like to know these things!
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happy (very much belated) birthday, britfacexxjordan!

you're one of my closest lj friends, i love talking with you about whatever. you are awesome :D and now, an insanely huge picspam, whoa )
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happy birthday, [ profile] miss_sarac!
i hope you had a fantastic day!

gale hopes so, too ;) )

lovebugs are everywhere. they're annoying as fuck.

there are these two commercials that annoy the shit out of me, and they come on all the time. i hate them. wtf were they thinking when they made these? they make me want to break my tv, not buy their product. i found them on youtube. here they are )

idiots. this rampant dislike is like, the culmination of all the negativity i've been feeling lately. um, going now.
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happy birthday, [ profile] seanmegansean!
you're one of my closest friends on lj, i'm so glad i met you! i love your fangirliness, and your love for b/j, and everything. you're thirty! just don't celebrate the way brian did :P and now, a picspam of epic proportions, just for you. a few of your favorite scenes )

EDIT: i changed my username. i'm kind of sad, even though i wasn't particularly fond of the other one. i suppose i'll get used to it.

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