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my bandwidth on pb reset today so i can finally post this, woo! this is a picspam for everyone whose birthday i've missed recently, so pretty much [ profile] joanses, [ profile] thesamefire, [ profile] shoved2agree, [ profile] harborshore, and early for [ profile] revii. happy birthday to all of you! :D

there's some mcr, msi, fob, patd, cs, tai, tu, and tbs under here: )
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wednesday was my two year bandom anniversary! i'm so glad i'm in this fandom; it's so much fun, and i've met a lot of great people. and i owe it all to pete wentz, haha.

also, last friday i saw fall out boy in concert )
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hello friends, new and old! *waves* some day soon i will make an intro post, but that is not this day.

i'm so excited about fall out boy touring! and with cobra starship and metro station (i kind of love them, idc). it's been entirely too long since i've been to a concert. i've had to resort to playing music loudly and dancing in my room, which is fun but i'd like to do it smooshed in with a bunch of sweaty people. and i'd like to see msi in chicago. i probably won't, but it's nice to think about.

GERARD WAY. i bow down to your obvious superior geekery. it's even more extensive than i'd imagined, and let me just say it makes me love you even more.

i'm friends with both jimmy and chantal on facebook! chantal was having people send her pics of their pets and naming them for them, haha. ilher. and from recent pics (thank you, fb-ers, for tagging jimmy in your concert photos) it seems lyn-z is not on tour, which is kind of sad but i understand.

also, these two pics of lyn-z )

oh, and i think i'm going to see the fob concert at the movies tomorrow. it's at the theater by my house, i kind of have to go. plus, it'll be exciting to see them on the big screen!
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i was going to post a rl update, but then [ profile] nokomis305 posted a new pic of gerard and lyn-z at a cure concert, and i had to share )

i downloaded it, but i haven't listened to the new fob album yet, just i don't care over and over. i'm not getting it till christmas so i'm trying to hold out till then, although i might give in and listen to it on tuesday. we'll see!
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my i finally made one. do whatever it is you do with such information!

bob/spencer is odd. i'm picturing it, and it's just, it's odd. that won't stop me from reading it, though. maybe. i don't know, but mcr/patd just doesn't work for me. maybe because i don't generally read band mixings, besides pete/mikey and pete/ryan. but both of those are temporary, so. idk.

i don't really like au fics in which aaaall the characters in the fandom are present. this is especially true of qaf. like, in those high school aus with brian and mikey and justin and lindsay and melanie and ben and ted and emmett and even daphne, and they're all friends. that's not realisitic. there's no way all of them would've been friends with each other in high school, no way. it annoys me in bandom too, when all the members of multiple bands show up. not always, but in general it doesn't work for me, sry2say.

did any of you actually have shop class in high school? i'm mostly convinced it's something that only exists in movies.

does anyone have any misfits songs they feel like sharing? i already have die, die my darling. plz and thx.

videos i cannot stop watching: )

probably i should go now. to watch lotms again! oh yes. as a parting gift, a mini bandom picspam )
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so, the concerts. i went by myself on tuesday, with three friends on thursday. cute is what we aim for were okay. i liked the first song plain white t's played, but the rest were just okay. and i'm probably the only person in the world who doesn't like "hey there delilah," heh. gym class heroes were a lot of fun. while waiting for them to come out on tuesday, i noticed this girl going up on this guy's shoulders close to me. i look over, and bam! she flashes the stage. yes, i saw boobs in public. anyway. travis was entertaining to watch. he seems to have a thing for single moms, haha. someone in a big blue guy costume came out and was dancing around. i don't know what that was about, but it was pretty funny. in between bands they played videos (panic! at the disco, the academy is..., etc), introduced by cobra starship (and guy ripley! ahaha), which was pretty awesome. also you could text things that would scroll by on the bottom of the screen, so i texted something like "pete makes out with guys haha i love it." i am lame, i know. i don't care :P

finally, fall out boy came out. holy crap you guys, they're amazing. patrick is so small! i mean, i knew he was short, but he looked sooo wee, i love it. it was fun watching him rock out, haha. i felt bad for pete in his rocker cast, hobbling around the stage. joe was crazy as usual, spinning and running all around the stage. and andy drummed shirtless, which was nice ;) they all wore the same clothes both nights. patrick had on this gray sweater vest, ahaha, and this newsboy cap type hat. pete had on this part leather black jacket, but he changed into a black hoodie during the break. joe's fro is pretty huge, it's awesome. on tuesday, dirty came out at different times, and during "dance, dance" he danced like pete does in the video, ha. there was some pete/patrick touching, which is one of my favorite things :D i liked whenever pete talked between songs. and towards the end, he told patrick's favorite joke (patrick kind of rolled his eyes and sighed long-sufferingly when pete said he was going to do it ♥). it was something about how pete's cast is soooo long, and ended in patrick holding his arms out and shrugging and saying, "that's what she said!" ahaha, yes, i love those jokes.

on tuesday i was on the floor, which was really amazing. except during the first few songs, when the guy next to me put this girl on his shoulders so her ass was practically in my face, and it was so crowded i couldn't move. he finally put her down, and i was able to get in front of them so they didn't bother me. on thursday they only let the first however many people get wristbands for the floor, and we didn't know this so we ended up pretty high up in the stands. i was kind of pissed because there was definitely still room down there, but i still enjoyed the concert. at one point pete tried to get a giant circle pit going, so i was glad i wasn't down there for that, heh. pete said this was their last tour for a while, which makes me sad, because i want to see them again like, right now. but they need a break, i know that. i bought the tour shirt! (and monia, i will mail your shirt tomorrow. but i need your address!) all in all, AMAZING.

and now, pictures and the setlist )

and now, that meme that everyone's doing this way )

friday night i went to my high school's homecoming game with my friend. it was so weird being back there, seeing some old teachers. it was kind of cool though, finding my old lockers and stuff. anyway. i hope you're all enjoying yourselves!
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so i'm watching bend it like beckham when all of a sudden - jonathan rhys-meyers, what are you doing on my tv screen? and dancing, no less. that is reason enough for this movie to win.

my history of electronic music class sucks ass. i know what you're thinking - a class about music, what's not to like, right? WRONG. it is the most pointless class i've ever taken, and that's saying something. i feel like i haven't learned anything. i hate it like burning. the hate, it is burning!

anyway. desktop meme: )

six days till fall out boy! i'm ridiculously excited omg. twice in three days! it's going to be amazing.

and now for fun, a random bandom picspam. this way )

and that's it. now i really must do hw omg.
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I'M SEEING FALL OUT BOY IN CONCERT!!! (supposedly with plain white t's and possibly two other bands, but i can't find any info on that. hopefully it'll just be fob). omg i'm beyond excited :D i thought i'd have to wait till they went on tour again, but i don't and omg, yes. november fiiiirst, get here now, kthx.

mmkay, time to eat.
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omg guys. i am now permanent. i'm going to ignore how much money i just spent (minus the $1 gift certificate, heh), and instead think about how i'm going to fill up all that icon space! also, $150 = 5 years paid account + extra userpics. i've had my lj for almost 3 years and am showing no loss of interest (if anything, there's an increase), so i figure it's a good investment.

i didn't mention this last entry, but i still haven't gotten my passport. i applied in march! they said it'd take 8-10 weeks, then i heard 10-12. it's been almost 14 weeks. i think that's more than a little ridiculous, even if they are backed up. luckily they realize this, and provide you with a way to get back into the us without your passport, so i'm a-okay for mexico.

that 10 fave songs meme. [ profile] andleap gave me k:
under ze cut )

bandslash picspam! 109 pics. i'm not the desperate type )

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