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and i'm back! despite us not doing as well as i'd hoped (but about as well as i'd expected), i still had fun. we stayed at a hotel that had a casino, and it wasn't nearly as fun or fancy as las vegas, it was still pretty cool. and smokey. and gaudy, but i suppose that's to be expected.

i listened to the first franz ferdinand cd a lot this weekend. it's really good! i bought it sort of a while ago but had never listened to the whole thing, for whatever reason. now it's been on repeat, and i love it.

i finally watched some qaf tonight (s1! i love you), and i decided to post some caps i made forever ago. episodes 110 and 118. i'm sorry if the aspect ratio looks off, i don't know how to fix that. but anyway, yay pretty! )

and, that's it. real picspam coming...eventually. it's taking me a really long time, but it's coming.
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yay for more caps! episodes 103, 104, 107, and 114. caps are mine, use if you'd like. this way )

i'm leaving for south carolina tomorrow for a crew race, so i won't be around till sunday. have a lovely weekend!
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i figured out how to make screencaps! i have power dvd, and i noticed before that there's a little camera button, and i had clicked it but i couldn't find where the caps went. then today i realized you can choose where they go, so i did and i found them and yay! i know this isn't a huge deal or anything, but it's something computer-related that i figured out for myself, so i'm happy because that doesn't happen often.

even though i can now make my own caps, i have a question. does anyone know of any sites with good quality qaf caps besides the fabulous gale-online, kwaf, and queer eyes? i was working on a new picspam, and apparently gale-online has removed its s1-3 caps, and queer eyes and kwaf don't have complete s2 and 3 caps. if there's not, i'll make my own, but then i'd have to go through each episode and look for specific things, and while i wouldn't mind doing that ;) it would take a lot more time, which i don't really have.

i watched parts of qaf episodes 101-107 last night. i hadn't watched any in so long, i got really excited when it started :D but i got tired and couldn't watch any more, since i had been up since 5 and at a crew race all day.

from something [ profile] seanmegansean and i discussed: if anyone is particularly bored and feels like making an image using a brian pic that says, "everything i need to know about life i learned from brian kinney," i'd do...something. send you virtual cookies, or maybe something a bit more substantial. i don't know. but something, and it would be nice.
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i've changed my mood icons. to dragons. it was a choice between that and the blue cats; the dragons had more and better facial expressions, so i chose them. but i really updated so that i could make my mood weird, because i like that icon. so, that's all. more to come, ah, perhaps on sunday, as i'm leaving for tennessee for a crew race thursday at 7pm and won't be back till probably sunday morning, around 4 or so.

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