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instead of a rl update, have an end of the year meme thing! under here )

also, i just wanted to say thank you to all of you for sticking with me this past year. i know i've been a pretty shitty lj friend (thank you tumblr), but i'm going to try to be more present here. i love you all ♥
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hey! i haven't posted a real update in approx a million years, so i figured i should get on that. but that is not this entry. this is about seeing mcr this past saturday :D

i went to see them in indianapolis. i was at the venue in my seat by 7:15, so i got to see some of matt and kim. i'm not sure about their music, but i really like them! they're very enthusiastic, especially kim. she got up on her kick drum a number of times and i was worried it would fall over, but all was well. in between sets they played music videos, mostly blink-182 but they showed some of na na na and sing as well.

and thennnn, the bli video started and mcr came out on stage! i had a pretty good seat, and i had a nice view of them the whole time. they were AMAZING, it was a seriously good show. they were all on. frank was especially wild, and gerard brought the camp, including a number of high kicks and fist pumps during the set, hahaha. frank started out with the green guitar but switched halfway through na na na. mikey also used a different bass for the first few songs before switching to the awesome sparkly one. oh! and frank, gerard, and ray all have the light up mic stands now. and they change colors! pink and blue and orange-ish. they're pretty fantastic. gerard also had us all sing happy birthday to mikey. i like how he didn't announce whose birthday it was, he just started singing haha.

there was a lot of talking in the dead mic (so glad we know what that is now!), and frank and gerard interacting between songs. also! you know how gerard sings "la la la" at the end of mama? when i watched the video of that at rock en seine i noticed someone was singing really high la la la's along with him, but you could only see gerard and mikey at that part in the video so i didn't know who it was. i made sure to pay attention this time, and it's totally frank! either that or it's like a backing track, because frank and gerard were the only ones singing at that time. watch the video, the la la la's crack me up :D

more under the cut )
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this started out two and a half years ago as a camp!gerard picspam and quickly spiraled out of control. now it's an all-encompassing onstage!gerard picspam, and it's fucking huge. so huge i don't want to count how many pics there are. sooo, enter at your own risk!

tell me i'm a bad man )
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okay, so this is something i've been meaning to post since before mcr started touring again, and if i don't do it now it'll be months before it gets posted. anyway! i present to you, a hugeass mcr picspam. and there's a part two, which is just onstage!gerard, coming probably on sunday.

just get up and go )
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there's an article about mcr in the new issue of rolling stone. basically just gerard, but it talks about his geek self and his study and "the jaunty, sexy thing" he does with his hips, so you know i enjoyed it. anyway, (very large) scans under the cut )

feel free to post to [ profile] mcr_unofficial if you're so inclined. i probably would but i have to leave for a concert!
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so! there have been a lot of great pictures from the mcr tour, right? this is a post of my favorites.

euro tour )
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omg you guys new picturrrre )

in other news, i just finished watching the runaways. it's a pretty fucking awesome movie! and it made my crush on kristen stewart grow like, exponentially. seriously, you should all watch it!
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SO MCR PLAYED WITH WEEZER TONIGHT? AMAZING. there's this lovely picture here


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For one month, post/share:

Day 02 | Your favorite movie )

lord of the rings! (totally counts as one movie.) my favorite, forever and always. it's got pretty much everything i could ever want in a movie, and i love that they've created such a realistic world that you can totally immerse yourself in. &thesemovies;

also, have a meme, stolen from [ profile] citibyrd:

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order (do this before reading the questions below). Really, don't read the questions below until you pick your ten artists!!!

1. my chemical romance
2. mindless self indulgence
3. incubus
4. radiohead
5. muse
6. fall out boy
7. panic at the disco
8. cobra starship
9. interpol
10. lady gaga

Questions and Answers: )
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-[ profile] fleurdeliser. happy birthday, bb! i hope it was fabulous :D (sorry i missed the actual day; i was out of town for my cousin's bday!)

-ADAM LAMBERT. he's so well-spoken and candid and ~savvy and kind of hilarious. i love how comfortable he is with himself; it's one of the things i admire most about him.

-lady gaga - bad romance. i can't stop watching this video! she's so weird, i fucking love her. and i have no idea how she walks in those shoes. even if you don't like her, you should watch the video, it's amazing.

-lyn-z. gorgeous as always <333

-so i get random rolling stone magazines mailed to me, and today i received the one with the blurbs about mcr and adam lambert!

-music memes )
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my bandwidth on pb reset today so i can finally post this, woo! this is a picspam for everyone whose birthday i've missed recently, so pretty much [ profile] joanses, [ profile] thesamefire, [ profile] shoved2agree, [ profile] harborshore, and early for [ profile] revii. happy birthday to all of you! :D

there's some mcr, msi, fob, patd, cs, tai, tu, and tbs under here: )
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five things meme, under here )

also, i'm going to see cobra starship tomorrow! let me know if you're also going.
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because i'm crazy and like to be organized, here's a bunch of pictures from the show last night. some of them are pretty huge, just fyi. under here )
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you guys, i'm so fkn jealous of everyone who's at mcr's la show right now. but also really thankful for the roxy and this and this twitter. it's almost kinda sorta a little like i'm a bit in the area, haha.

also omg, in this video from tonight (which keeps pausing like every three seconds because my computer hates me), after gerard sings "i miss you more than i did yesterday," does he say "that's my wife"? bc that's what it sounds like to me. y/n/you're crazy? eh, apparently he says something about the lights. i can hear both, but lights does make sense.

anyway, i'm SO EXCITED to find out what all went/is going down tonight and tomorrow!
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mikey: did gee's stunt double win american idol?
worm: @mikeyway no she went home like 3 shows ago :)
mikey: @bigwormy hahahhahahahahahah ZING

LOLOL i ♥ them. i'm glad it's not just the fans who appreciate/acknowledge gerard's ~femininity, haha.

speaking of ai spoilerssss )

uhh, fob recap coming hopefully tonight. (i shouldn't say that, because whenever i do it tends to end up not happening, but yes. hopefully.)
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happy birthday, [ profile] nokomis305! late, because i'm lame and incapable of posting these things on people's birthday, but. i hope you enjoy it! this is basically a part two to my last picspam. anyway, pics under here! )
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happy birthday, [ profile] citibyrd and [ profile] paint_the_days! for you, a picspam of mcr and their wonderful ridiculous faces :D

under here )
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so much awesome has been happening in the mcr camp lately. gerard searching for his dream car (it's baby-safe!), frank advising us on how to stay brutal at disney world, mikey and pete twittering at each other about water preferences and fake!mikey (real!mikey is seething. SEETHING), frank mentioning trapper keepers (lol hello third grade!) and letting us know he'll take whatever sickeningly cute puppies happen to be inhabiting gerard's dream car, and gerard saying that LINDSEY BOUGHT HIM THE HAWAIIAN SHIRT LOLOL. now it makes sense that he keeps wearing it!

and now, here's that meme:
1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

under here )

um, the end! let me know if you want three people.
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the new mcr pic is GLORIOUS. this is how i keep describing it. those of you who care have probably seen it already, but i'm going to post it again. cut to save your flist )

yeah, i guess that's all i have to say. oh, i've been spending way too much time lately on this website. some of the stories are so hilarious! and sad. but mostly i laugh.
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hey! my internet connection has been sketchy the past few days so i haven't been around much, but it seems to be fine now. it gave me time to catch up on my reading. earlier this week i finished watchmen, which is really fucking awesome. it has all these layers, and it's enthralling, and i couldn't put it down. one of my favorite parts was how the castaway guy in the comic book paralleled the main plot of the novel. you should all read it, seriously, it totally lives up to the hype.

i've also started reading the sandman. i finished the first two volumes yesterday, and today i rented the third one. (i would've rented more, but that was all there was! when i checked the library on thursday they had all ten, and today, just three and six. it was sad.) sandman is AMAZING. and creepy! i finished the first volume right before bed, and it, especially the part about dr. dee, totally creeped me out. but i liked it. and the little mentions of characters in the first volume that became important in the second, i really like that stuff.

also, my icon. it's probably my favorite part of the video; i love all the hand gestures gerard makes. and the weird faces. and frank spitting. and mikey being a hotass, and ray rocking out, and bob playing the drums even as he's getting knocked down by the police haha.

also also )

p.s. join [ profile] bandcrush!!

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