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[ profile] citibyrd recently did this meme and made me realize it's been over three years since i last did it, which means it's totally time to bring this back.

(1) List 16 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
(2) Put all of them in order of your lust for them. (1 is the hottest.)
(3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
(4) Supply photos.
(5) Tag five people!

16. matt bomer

i first took notice of him when white collar started. i remember seeing the promos and thinking he was g o r g e o u s, like perfect looking. i still haven't watched white collar, but i will!

15. chris hemsworth

i first saw him in star trek, but i didn't know who he was until thor. seeing him in that and the avengers made me really like him, and then snow white and the huntsman increased that. he is so attractive in that movie omg.

14. victoria asher/vicky t

i'm not into cobra starship as much as i used to be, but i still think she's super pretty.

13. johnny depp

always and forever. i have no idea what initially hooked me; possibly cry-baby? or edward scissorhands? or sleepy hollow? it was a long time ago. but i'll always love him.

12. emma anzai

she's the bassist in sick puppies. seeing them live is what hooked me, she's talented and energetic and fun to watch and so, so pretty.

11. colin firth

idk what originally got me into him. possibly it was love actually? i'd always liked him, and then i saw bridget jones's diary last year and reeeeally liked him, and then pride and prejudice ahdfklsajl.

10. robert downey jr.

i know i first saw him in us marshals, but it was iron man that made me fall in love with him (didn't everyone?). he's one of my favorite people.

09. scarlett johansson

i remember i saw a picture of her in a magazine when she was like 16 and thought she was really beautiful, and i've always been aware of her, but i didn't really become a fan until the avengers.

08. gale harold

queer as folk is what got me hooked. i may not be in the fandom anymore, but i'll always love gale.

ugh he's still ridiculously attractive.

07. kristen stewart

i know a lot of people don't like her, but i just love her. and this outfit.

the first thing i saw her in was panic room, but i wasn't hooked until, well, twilight. that's what got me interested in her, and then the runaways pushed me over the edge.

06. frank iero

i may not be as much into mcr in a fannish way anymore, but i still have all the love for frank.

05. kaya scodelario

i first saw her in skins gen 1, but i didn't really become a fan until gen 2.

she's like perfect looking, i can't even.

04. tom hiddleston

life. ruiner.

no one should look that attractive while yawning goddamn.

i first saw tom in thor, and then the next day i saw the avengers, and that was it, i was hooked. done in. ruined forever. he's just so amazing as loki, i cannot. and stupidly attractive. and then everything i've found out about him as a person (he sings! he dances! he plays guitar! he's a very talented actor! he's ridiculously good at impressions! he's well-educated and eloquent! he's quite possibly the nicest, most polite person ever!), how does he exist idek.

03. benedict cumberbatch

the other person who is currently ruining my life.

i first saw him in atonement, but i wasn't hooked until sherlock. it's funny, because i wasn't really attracted to him the first time i watched it. i just thought he was this weird looking guy, and then during the second viewing BAM. suddenly he was like, the prettiest person ever. and the more i learned about him, the more i loved him. he's just so nice, and funny, and genuine, and so freaking talented it's ridiculous. and he's got the best voice ever omg.

02. lyn-z

still my favorite lady <333


her face i can't even.

01. gerard way


forever ridiculously attracted to this weirdo, apparently. (see my last post of this for embarrassing ramblings about why i love him.)

you should all do it!
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